Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Red Barons

This guy makes some good points.

Breaking News: McGee: take politics out of baseball

To many, he's known as Mr. Baseball in Northeastern Pennsylvania. On Monday, John J. Mcgee urged the Lackawanna County Commissioners to de-politicize ownership of the local Triple-A franchise and get out of the baseball business.

He also called on the lawmakers never to let the team be sold to a for-profit entity.

"The reputation of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre franchise within the baseball industry is that politics controls this franchise," Mr. McGee said. The Philadelphia Phillies, he ventured, "pulled out because for 18 years they didn't know whether they should deal with the general manager, the stadium authority chairman, or the county commissioners."

He is right, the politicians have made such a mess of the ballclub that the Phillies are rightfully fed-up and don't want to deal with these jerks anymore. I differ on one point, don't create another quasi government agency to run the operation, sell it to people who know the business of baseball. You can write the sales contract in a way to keep the franchise here.

I don't vote in Lackawanna County but if I did I would vote against the bunch of them.



LVDem said...

Have I thanked you yet for the Phillies affiliate? It's really kind of you.

Gort said...

Keep rubbing it in.