Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bush stumping for Sherwood

Normally even a rumor of a visit by GWB would be all over the local news but not in this case. But Rick Santorum's favorite reporter, Bret Lieberman, assures me it's true. He even gets confirmation from the Don himself.

From Pennsyltucky Politics:

Many candidates want the cash that President Bush can help raise for them, but are cool to being seen with the president, whose popularity remains low. And then there is U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood.

"I think that's a mistake," Sherwood said of Republican candidates who don't want to be seen with Bush.

"Of course" Sherwood says he will be seen publicly with the president when Bush comes to Clark Summit to raise money for Sherwood's tough re-election challenge from Democrat Chris Carney on Oct. 19.

Now Don Sherwood is being forced to raise millions of dollars because because the nasty press keeps saying things like this about him:

Pennsylvania congressman's affair leads to tough election

Sex could be the undoing of a family values Republican....Then last year Sherwood admitted to a five-year extramarital affair with a woman 35 years his junior. He settled a lawsuit claiming he had choked her....The first sign of trouble for Sherwood came in May 2005, when media outlets began reporting that police had investigated an alleged altercation between Sherwood and his mistress, Cynthia Ore, in September 2004. Although criminal charges were never filed, Ore filed a lawsuit against Sherwood, claiming he had choked her while giving her a back rub at his Capitol Hill apartment.....Sherwood denied abusing Ore, but he admitted to an affair with her, apologizing for the "pain and embarrassment" he caused his family and supporters. The married father of three reached a confidential settlement with Ore last November, hoping to put the affair behind him.

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