Sunday, September 03, 2006

MTP debate,yawn

I have a busy schedule today so just a quick hit on the MTP debate between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey. I'll have more later. Overall I thought that Tim Russert did a good job of holding both of their feet to the fire and didn't interrupt when they mixed it up. With the expectations for Casey so low all he had to to do was speak in complete sentences and Santorum needed to avoid saying anything outrageous. For the most part they met those goals. A few blogs have the post game spin up. John and Alex are doing a tag team at Santorum Blog. Randy lost the battle of the remote to his daughter (I'm with her, cartoons are better) but has his first impressions at PennPatriot. LVDem at KP thinks Santorum sounded angry. Susie goes into the Social Security question at Suburban Gorilla and Atrios turned it off.

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Carl said...

I caught some of it. I thought Casey could have been more forceful, and he certainly needed to note that, while Santorum blasted his opponent in 1990 (80?) for "only being in Pennsylvania one month out of the year", simple math on Santorum's answer "Oh, I'm in Pennsylvania, two or three days a month" calculates to somewhere around...a month out of each year.