Friday, September 29, 2006

Some pals of Bill Fitz?

WILKES-BARREThe city’s Community Action Team shut down an off-campus King’s College apartment on Thursday and evicted three college students after finding piles of garbage and clam shells strewn about the property....Community revitalization coordinator Greg Barrouk said the students did not purchase the city’s blue garbage bags, but just threw garbage on the floor.“If I was a parent, I wouldn’t want my kid living in there,” Barrouk said. “Eggs were broken on the floor and they must have had some kind of clam bake, because there were clam shells all over the house. They haven’t used a blue garbage bag in ages.”

Clam shells?

I must confess that when I was a young man my first apartment wasn't exactly neat. If I actually convinced one of my dates to come back to my place she would run screaming from what she had seen upon entering my lair. My roommates where such pigs.

Sorry Bill. I couldn't resist.

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Anonymous said...

Hey we lived in the historic bottleing plant, and i was a quais slob but kept it in my room, and clened aevery friday just in case

but the kids have every right to live like slobs assuming there is no reprecutions to the other houses, and the owner should have figured it out.
they dont have to use the bule bags they can get their own and throw it in a dumpster and not use Wilkes-barre facist grabage system.