Sunday, September 10, 2006

11th Congressional District roundup part 1

This week we have seen Congressman Kanjorski doing what he does best, handing out federal largesse and proposing another big idea. I'll still don't understand the structure of the Earth Conservancy that has bought up all of the Blue Coal wasteland and has turned it into useful development and recreation but it has seemed to work. My question is why is it part of the Department of Defense budget? We all know about the inflatable dam and now it's Wall Street West :

Congressman Paul Kanjorski sees Wall Street West as only the dawn of a new era for the region. "In reality, when you look at Northeastern Pennsylvania, it's probably the most ideal expansion of greater New York," he said. That westward movement already is happening in Monroe County and will continue, he believes. "They really don't have much option" to expand in other directions.

"It really can't be looked at as year or two- or three-year program. It's decades."

He also got some federal money to fix the mine subsidences in Pittston.

PITTSTON -Stabilizing the earth beneath one section of Pittston will lead to an analysis of the ground below the entire city and, eventually, a new citywide sewer system.
U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke, told anxious residents at a public meeting Thursday night that local, state and federal officials had reached a solution to mine subsidences that have plagued the city's Mill Street neighborhood and broken a sewer main there.

If it works people will see an end to having their houses swallowed up by an old mine and Pittston will get a new sewer system.

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typical Kanjorski Bullshit