Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's the Yankees

Yankees Farm Team To Play Here

The Lackawanna County commissioners announced Thursday that the New York Yankees Triple-A farm team will play at the stadium next season. The deal was signed last night in New York City.

The specifics of the deal include:

Two years committed from the Yankees with a management agreement that will extend it to two more.

That management agreement with the Mandalay Entertainment Group for at least four years that could go through 2018.

Mandalay currently owns other minor league sports teams and has a movie and television division. That company will have the option to buy the team down the road.

The Lackawanna County Stadium Authority board will be fazed out.

Red Barons employees will keep their jobs.

New natural grass will replace artificial turf at the county's expense.That could happen at the end of November after football season is over. It's unknown if other sports will be played on the new field surface in addition to baseball after this year.

Finally, Lackawanna County Stadium will not be sold.

Although I'm still pissed that the politicians managed to chase the Phillies farm team out of town this is a good result for the team and the area. The good news is that they are getting rid of the useless Stadium Authority and Mandalay may buy the franchise.


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