Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yanks vs. Red Sox

We will be leaving the comforts of northeastern PA today for our annual pilgrimage to the High Temple of Baseball, Yankee Stadium. A little luster is lost this year with the Sox being 11 1/2 games out but it's always a good time. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had the Saturday ev ening game at least.

The Sox just shrivled up and died after the 2006 Boston Massacre, and the Yankees were playing the bench the entire weekend, so I wasn't either surprised or disappointed by the results. Although it would have been oh so sweet to clinch at home against the Sox, Torre, as usual, took the higher best-for-the-team road.

I had ticks for Sunday evening's game. But when I bought them as part of my pre-season pre-public sale allotment as a Season Ticket Plan holder, it was listed as a 1:20 game -- says so right on my tickets!

Since I am too old and cranky to deal with an 8pm game in the satdium, get home at 3:30, and up to work the next morning, I gave them up to my son and his friends.

Am putting in a call next week to place the order for season tickets at Montage. Finally, a real major league affiliate (sorta) near to home!

A Big Fat Slob

Anonymous said...

DUH. I see you posted this on Sunday. So that eliminates the Saturday eve game. Both games today were pretty good, but in the first game the Yanks managed to get the bases loaded, no one out (after inexplicably failing to score any runs on three straight singles), and not score a single *&^%$#@! run. (I believe that may have been the fourth). They had many opportunities in that game to win it, but just couldn't get the basics down.

Things stared out better in the evening match. Bernie led off with a double, was nicely bunted across and scored on a sac fly. THAT's the way to do it, son.

Unfortunately, Jarrod Wrignt was less than stellar and the bullpen gave up the winners (just as I was falling asleep thinking we had a winner).

Oh well. Can't wait until the season really begins in a few weeks!

Gort said...

To paraphrase John Sterling "The Red Sox win, The Redddd Sox Win!"