Friday, September 29, 2006

Only $2 million

The 10th District race is seen as one of the key contests in battle to control Congress.

The Republican and Democratic congressional campaign committees have already committed to spend $1.6 million in the bitter Congressional race between Don Sherwood and Chris Carney.
And the committees’ total spending could top $2 million by Election Day, according to a published report......The Democratic committee has already spent $220,587 on pro-Carney or anti-Sherwood television ads, a Times Leader review of local TV stations’ records shows, and has reserved another $450,955 in air time through Election Day on Nov. 7.
The Republicans have spent slightly more than $500,000 and reserved another $450,000 in air time through Nov. 7

I say let the Republicans spend all this money on TV. Don Sherwood is a walking negative ad. The more you see his face, the more you are reminded of Cynthia Ore.

Like this:

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