Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Under pressure

It's kind of like waiting for a volacano to explode and like the volcano Rick Santorum doesn't dissapoint.

MC: A few minutes before Santorum took to the lectern, he blew up at a newspaper reporter over his coverage of this month's televised Senate debate with Casey on NBC's ''Meet the Press.''''I have to raise tens of millions of dollars because of the junk you feed to the people of Pennsylvania,'' Santorum scolded Brett Lieberman, the Washington, D.C., reporter for the Patriot-News of Harrisburg. Lieberman had approached Santorum to ask him a question about Iran.

If you're a political junkie you have to love Rick Santorum. Watching him flop around the last few months has been great political theater. First he wanted to be Senator Pothole and travelled around PA handing out checks to every local government in sight while telling us he is a fiscal conservative. Then he got Lou Barletta to sponsor a law to further his election year goal of kicking all the Mexicans out of the country. The latest is he wants a war with Iran but that's not gaining traction. So he went nuclear on a reporter. I'm going to miss him.


D.B. Echo said...

Thanks for the song. It made the end of my day at work much more enjoyable. I wonder if that's on my David Bowie Video Collection DVD?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about our Junior Senator too much Gort. I have known you for about 10 years now, and I know within that time neither one of us has had a good track record of picking winners for national office. If we were gamblers we both would have lost our houses. But I am cautiously optomistic about this election. At this time it looks like the election is Casey's to loose. As long as he doesn't have a major slip up within the next month and a half I do beleive Ricky is gone. But that doesn't mean that will be the last we will see of him. Pope George Ringo was telling me not to be surprised that if Ricky loses this election, he could see him running for Spector's seat when it is up. Considering Spector's health and age I don't think he has any more terms left in him. Then we also might see Rick as a V.P. candidate in the future or possibly even President. Wouldn't that be ironic, Pennsylvania's contributions to the Presidency might end up being the first Bachelor (homosexual?) President, and the biggest homophobe President.

Gort said...

Challengers don't win elections incumbents lose them.

Anonymous said...


See my other comment about Casey and MoveOn.org. While incumbants can lose elections as you say, challengers also can lose them. Casey just figured out how to blow his lead big time: accept the endorsement from an organization that, if not outright anti-Semitic, provided a welcoming forum for the most vicious imaginable anti-Semitic commentary along with 9/11 conspiracy theories that would play well on the Jeff Rense Show.

I urged Casey's campaign repeatedly to reject and disown MoveOn.org but they have chosen not to. As a result, I must back ABC (Anybody But Casey) for this election.

D.B. Echo said...

Interesting bit of innuendo there. Sounds like something carefully crafted to defang a group which has dared take a stand against Bush & Co. Care to explain? What has MoveOn.org done to "provide a welcoming forum" for ant-Semitism?

D.B. Echo said...

Ah. I see. "Bill Levinson" is just an anti-MoveOn front. Gort, check out the link. Not really worthy of debate. Probably going from blog to blog posting anti-MoveOn messages.

Anonymous said...

d.b. echo asks, "What has MoveOn.org done to "provide a welcoming forum" for anti-Semitism?"

The MoveOn.org Action Forum is a veritable sewer that overflows with remarks to the effect that Jews are more loyal to Israel than the U.S., Jews do not serve in our Armed Forces, Jews own all the media, and even one that argues that Jews did "something" to deserve the Holocaust. Another posting compares Adolf Hitler favorably to George Bush. The worst of the racist postings says that African-American soldiers should be segregated and disarmed, lest they mutiny against their white "oppressors."

MoveOn.org has tried to argue that it cannot be held accountable for what outsiders post on its forum, and even that conservative operatives actually posted the material. I could have accepted this explanation had MoveOn.org not been very diligent at finding and deleting postings that criticized it, or its toleration of the anti-Semitic material. In other words, by moderating and censoring the forum, MoveOn accepted 100 percent responsibility for the content. It chose to delete postings it didn't like while letting the anti-Semitic ones stand, and that makes MoveOn an anti-Semitic organization.

It's sort of like a drug dealer arguing that the cops planted the stuff on him. That might be believable if the dope is "found" on an unattended part of the suspect's property. It's not believable if it's in his pockets and a pair of half-smoked marijuana cigarettes are in his mouth when he is busted.

Furthermore, other Action Forum participants have voted overwhelming approval of these slurs. 12 of 15 agreed that Bush is worse than Hitler, the Bush Administration knew of 9/11 in advance, "open your Jewish eyes," and a statement that the U.S. has caused untold human misery during the 200 years of its existence (all of these were in one posting). See for yourself:

d.b. echo wrote, "Probably going from blog to blog posting anti-MoveOn messages." Sorry, I live in Luzerne Country and I am in fact backing some Democrats (DEMOCRATS, not MoveOn.org-ers) for the House and Starte Senate. I vote the person, not the party. I won't vote for empty suits just because they have elephant pins on their lapels (e.g. the GOP State Senate candidate for the 20th District and the GOP House candidate for the 120th). Nor will even consider voting for Casey as long as he accepts money and an endorsement from MoveOn.org.

MoveOn.org has NOTHING to do with anything that most Pennsylvanians would recognize as the Democratic Party, and I feel that I am doing the Democrats a favor by exposing it.

D.B. Echo said...

Last time I checked, MoveOn had a lot more than 12 or 15 memebers. Let's say, conservatively, that there are 100,000 members of the organization...then we can also say that 99,988 of them did not express agreement with the statements you have cited. MoveOn is a "big tent" organization, and that tent is sure to include more than a few crackpots and whackos. They tend to be among the most vocal of the online community.

I've seen some of the opinion sewage that flows on AOL and MSN forums of every stripe, too. I don't hold AOL or MSN responsible for every crackpot comment.

Still, it seems that you have made a decision regarding this organization, and its entire national membership, based on these crackpot statements and how they've been handled. This is bad judgement, at best. I don't know whtat it would take to change your opinion, but your Anti-MoveOn blog does speak quite emphatically for itself.

Anonymous said...

D.B. Echo said... "Last time I checked, MoveOn had a lot more than 12 or 15 memebers. Let's say, conservatively, that there are 100,000 members of the organization...then we can also say that 99,988 of them did not express agreement with the statements you have cited."

I think you misread what I said; I said 12 OF (as in "out of") 15 members, not 12 OR 15 members. In other words, of the fifteen people who took the time to state agreement or disagreement with the premise that Bush is worse than Hitler, terrorists did not perpetrate 9/11, and that the U.S. has perpetrated untold misery during the past 200 years, 12 voted agreement while only 3 found the statements objectionable. That is an overwhelming majority of crackpots and whackos.

29 out of 30 voted to AGREE with a posting that asks, "Why are Jews so Jew-y" while asserting that Israel "owns" our Congress.
7 out of 8 voted to AGREE that Jewish congressmen are more loyal to Israel than to the U.S.
13 of 16 voted to AGREE with, "Jews have a long history of subverting governments for their own enrichment"
9 of 11 voted to AGREE with the proposal that a missile and not a hijacked airplane destroyed the World Trade Center
8 out of 8 AGREE that "Jews control all the media."
11 of 13 AGREE with a posting that includes the statement, "I hope you didn’t volunteer for Vietnam, otherwise you are just a mercenary like the others."
10 out of 13 MoveOn.org Action Forum members agree that the Talmud is a "hateful scripture" and Israel is run by "Judeo-Nazis."
13 of 14 agree that African-American soldiers should desert from our Armed Forces because they are "oppressed."
12 of 15 agree with the racist slur that Colin Powell and Condi Rice are "house slaves."
12 of 15 agree that the Bush Administration knew about 9/11 in advance.

One of my own postings to the forum, which was promptly deleted by the moderators, said that when the N word is used, a lady or gentleman leaves the room or turns her/his back. Now suppose you are watching a conversation in which someone slings the N word and makes all kinds of racist comments about Black people (e.g. Colin Powell and Condi Rice are "house slaves.") Of the 15 people who are listening, 12 nod vigorously and make approving comments while 3 say "I object to that" or walk away in disgust. I think you would agree that the majority of the participants are racists.

D.B. Echo said "I've seen some of the opinion sewage that flows on AOL and MSN forums of every stripe, too. I don't hold AOL or MSN responsible for every crackpot comment."

AOL and MSN do not exercise editorial control over what appears in their forums but MoveOn.org does. The exercise of editorial control is what makes MoveOn.org 100 percent accountable for the content and therefore an anti-Semitic organization.

Anonymous said...

D.B. Echo, MoveOn.org had to disable their Action Forum today, perhaps because the Casey campaign (or Lamont, or someone else) told them to get rid of the anti-Semitism and 9/11 denial before it costs someone the election this November. http://www.actionforum.com/forum_disabled.html