Monday, September 18, 2006

Commonwealth Telephone is sold

CB: Citizens Communication, based in Stamford, cone., announced Monday it has agreed to purchase Commonwealth Telephone Company of Dallas for $1.16 billion in a stock and cash deal. Commonwealth Telephone, with 1,100 employees, provides business and residential customers with telephone and other telecommunications products and services.

I can't say that I like this. Commonwealth has been locally owned since it's founding in 1897 and I know some people who work for the company. You can bet that the local front office operations and sales force will be cut resulting in several hundred good paying jobs being lost. By way of disclosure I stand to benefit financially from the sale as I own some stock in the company, capitalist pig that I am. I bought stock in them after I switched our telephone service from Verizon and have received outstanding service. We have never had an outage and the package of services is $15 dollars a month less than Verizon was charging. As a customer I worry about receiving the same quality service and as a resident I don't want to see my neighbors lose their jobs.


Anonymous said...

I'm happier than Kofi Annan on a vacation to Iran that the Commie Heathen Gort owns stock in one of our fine AMerican corporations. And I'm angrier than Kofi Annan at a Bush family barbecue that the Commie tries to tell all of us God fearing Americans that we are wrong to support great capitalists such as Pres. Bush, and our Sainted Sen. Santorum because they stand up for corporate America!! Come on down to the house tonight Gort, Thelma Jean has a special dish for ya--hypocrite stew!!! Damned Liberals!!!!

Anonymous said...

and me too....i work there too :(

Gort said...

Good luck to you and your coworkers Michelle. I hope you don't get srewed.