Thursday, September 28, 2006

The latest in the 11th CD

Republican Joe Leonardi blasted Paul Kanjorski over Cornerstone Technologies and immigration.

TL: Leonardi, who visited sites in and around Wilkes-Barre Wednesday, said in a recent interview he’ll work for more federal money for local highways and crime prevention and a shift in farm subsidies to promote ethanol production. His main criticism of Kanjorski centers on Cornerstone Technologies, a now-defunct local firm run by Kanjorski’s nephews that received $9 million in federal contracts secured by the congressman beginning in 1999.

Reacting to criticism about Cornerstone, Kanjorski said he would stop seeking contracts for the firm in 2002 and it soon stopped operations.

“I don’t know if steering the money from the Department of Defense through (Pennsylvania Democratic) Congressman (John) Murtha’s committee for Kanjorski’s nephews was illegal or unethical,” Leonardi said. “I know it wasn’t right. It didn’t create a single sustainable job for our area.”

Leonardi said he has an open invitation to Kanjorski to debate. Kanjorski declined to attend a debate proposed by the Lackawanna League of Women Voters earlier this month because of a scheduling conflict, he said.

Asked if he would debate Leonardi, Kanjorski replied: “If we have the time available.”


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