Thursday, May 13, 2010

10th CD Republicans bash health care reform

Three in GOP compete to unseat Carney
Congressman's health care vote will be big issue

All 3 are worried about cost containment and oppose the Health Care Affordability Act.

Malcolm Derk predicts the end of the world as we know it because of this legislation. He also repeats the mantra that the government doesn't create jobs and the the estate tax should be abolished. For all his tax cutting rhetoric he wants the federal government to invest in road, bridge, water and sewer projects and mitigate flooding along the Delaware River and improve infrastructure. That takes money and I would point out that the way the federal government gets money is to levy taxes.

David Madeira doesn't like that more people will have access to health care saying it will overburden the system and make Doctors quit their jobs. His idea to control costs is to let families stash $5000 a year in a health savings account and buying a high deductible policy. The problem with that is I don't know many families that live paycheck to paycheck who can afford to squirl away that much money. He wants a 3 year spending freeze saying 'You're going to have to go through short-term pain'

Tom Marino repeats the old canard that tort reform is the solution. He allows that
"I found the federal government — when it doesn't overreach — is a good tool for the state and residents." He wants to eliminate earmarks which sounds good but is the way our local governments get things done because they are tapped out on property taxes and bond authority. Marino says that he wants apprehended terrorists to be tried in military tribunals rather than civilian courts. He worked in the Federal Court system and doesn't think that they can do their job and prosecute criminals?


The Much Maligned Anonymous poster said...

None of these three have any new ideas, nor any way to implement their rhetoric.

Funny thing about health care reform though, if it is such a plus, why isn't Snarlin Arlen touting that his change of party helped get it passed... Kind of makes you go hmmm.. Maybe it isn't the selling point for re-election. May end up being Carney's downfall to whomever he goes up against in Nov.

Big Dan said...

And notice all 3 do NOT say a word about military spending and waste, which is more than ALL OTHER COSTS COMBINED!!!

So, therefore, all 3 are NOT SERIOUS about cutting government spending. All three do NOT mention that we are spending $2.5 BILLION dollars a week in the Iraq/Afghanistan "wars" that we're in longer than WWII.

Big Dan said...

...but they're worried about more people covered by health care!

I have a message for the three of you:

F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Dan said...

Republican candidates can't give up their "BIG STUPID BOAT" (military spending):

TeaBaggers: if you're FOR cutting government spending, and you don't talk about cutting military spending (more than ALL other spending combined)...then you're just racists!