Thursday, May 20, 2010

Then they came for the for the Bloggers

When I read the first reports that PA Attorney and GOP Governor nominee Tom Corbett was going after a website that is critical of him with subpoens and all the power of his office I dismissed it. I couldn't believe any politician could be so fucking stupid! But what my friends in the blogoshere tell me is he is that he is that FUCKING STUPID.

CasablancaPA is the site in question

CasablancaPA today received notice that Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett has subpoenaed Twitter for identifying information about our Twitter account.

It is unknown whether Blogger has received a similar subpoena; we have received no such notice.

Capitol Ideas figures it out.

The subpoena for Twitter can be found here.


Stephen Albert said...

I think Tom Corbett is a nitwit. Does this mean I get a subpoena too?

Donald John Williams said...

I wonder...who's next?

D.B. Echo said...

Wow. Seriously? What an asshole. Does he know who he's fucking with?

Barry O'Connell said...

From his tainted contributions from gambling interests to his apparent use of the same activities that he is prosecuting others for I think Tom Corbett has some answering to do.
I welcome CasablancaPa's fight against the face of corrupt politics in Pa. Good Luck Guys!
Barry O'Connell

Anonymous said...

Corbett for Governor, may have shot himself in the foot.

Hey! Hey! No Tom, I didn't mean that as a threat! It was a metaphor! Honest! No really don't put those cuffs on me man! Really! Hey - how about a campaign contribution! You like them, don't you good buddy? ... I can write a check... now there... that's more like it Tommy boy... thanks big guy... yea, I'll vote for you too! Honest!

Dana said...

Of course, the right thing for CasablancaPA to do is come forward and tell all of us who he is. Mr Corbett may have overreached with this -- the notion that he knows who CasablancaPA is and it will be used as evidence of non-contrition in sentencing is possible, but lame -- but there is a point at which if someone wants to criticize a public official so vociferously, he ought to have the courage to sign his name to it.

Anonymous said...

@Dana since when is telling the truth and proving you posts critisism? If Corbett doesn't like being critisized, then maybe he should stop abusing his office for political gain.

Big Dan said...

Obviously, Tom Corbett thinks there will be no backlash from the blogosphere on his actions. Or he doesn't care, because he thinks bloggers are irrelevant.

Big Dan said...

WILK's Steve Corbett is all over this! Right? Oops, I forgot, Tom Corbett is a Republican.