Thursday, May 06, 2010

Jolly good show chaps

My friends Mark and David just passed some milestones in this electronic mimeograph pamphlet intertubes thing. It must be something about spring that inspires people to start political blogs.

Circumlocution for Dummies has been on the blogging-for-dummies platform that is blogspot for one year now. He was the pathfinder of local political blogging with his original site Wilkes-Barre Online that will always be on my blogroll. That's why I call him the Blogfather and he was my inspiration for starting this site.

The Lu Lac Political Letter has been keeping us informed and entertained for four years. David is our local political historian and fills a void that opened up when the local papers lost or just stopped publishing columnists that had what is called "institutional knowledge." Plus he has given me a new appreciation of tall redheads.

Four more years!

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