Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pennsylvania Exit Polls

I was only voter number 212 out of 1000+ at my polling place at 5PM. We ran into State and Luzerne County Committee candidate Thomas Shibula along with GSC member Chris Kersey working the polls. I was happy to give Thom my vote. There was one person handing out Tom Leighton cards and that was it for poll workers. Only 3 people which is typical for mid-term elections. The real action is always in the local primary elections.

Below is a great picture of Lou Barletta voting with his grandson Gabriel along for the ride.

h/t to pa2010.com

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Anonymous said...

That old guy who stands at the polls for kanjo in wilkes-barre is the rudest person ever. There was this kid standing their for another canidate obrien and thats all this guy did was keep on staring at him.I asked someone who he was and some one said his name was Paul. If kanjo has people working for him like this I am voting for Lou in the fall.