Saturday, May 15, 2010

Luzerne County Republican State Committee candidates

Luzerne County Republicans may vote for three men and three women on May 18 to represent them on the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee.

The Luzerne County GOP website has the pitch from almost all the hopefuls. Some of the candidates were good enough to guest post on Gort42. Thank you.

State Committee Candidates
Want Your Vote

Moderno "Butch" Rossi

Lehman Township

I'm running to help Republican candidates win local and state offices.

I am an incumbent Republican State Committee member. I have been elected to three terms as a member of the Lake-Lehman School board, and am the current board president.

I'm a Republican committeeman at the Lake Silkworth poll in Lehman.

My wife Janet and I celebrated our 30th anniversery this year. We have a son Jason, 24.

I'm very proud to have two state elected officials from my district, State Rep. Karen Boback and State Sen. Lisa Baker. With some hard work as state committee members we can add to that list. I would be honored to have your support.

Bill Lewis
Jenkins Township

I ask for your vote to continue to be an independent conservative voice representing the Republican voters of Luzerne County.

For over two decades, I have been your independent voice at the State Party - controlled by no one. I work in the private sector and hold no paid government positions. No member of my family is an elected official - in fact, none work or hold appointed offices in state or local government. I have never sought elected government office. I am completely independent and uncontrolled by any elected official or political boss.

State Committee is an unpaid position - I view it as an opportunity to serve my community and state. Thank you.

Kathleen Dobash


I hope to encourage more citizens to vote and become involved with the political process. I want to restore confidence in our local government leadership. I want to address the issue of the local corruption. The citizens of this county cannot afford to pay for abuse of the system. Property owners pay taxes in good faith. Wasteful spending and deception cannot continue.

I am an advocate for the elderly and for those who cannot represent themselves.

I was elected Inspector of Elections and Constable for Hazleton City Ward 1. I actively write letters printed in our newspapers to talk about local issues. Vote for me on May 18.

Frank J. Mazza


I am running for Republican State Committee because I have a vision for this place I call home. I want to bring the citizens of this county back into the political process and represent their interests in Harrisburg by creating an open and honest environment where citizens can be active and have a choice who represents us at each level of government. Together, let us bring back the trust of the people, the respect and honor that being a resident of Luzerne County brings, and begin a new chapter in the story of Luzerne County.

If you believe that 2010 can be the beginning of a new chapter for this county and believe that 2010 is an exciting time to be a Republican, then on May 18th please go to the polls and vote for me for Republican State Committee. I will not let the citizens down in bringing the right change to our communities.

T. Lynette Villano

West Pittston

I am running for Republican State Committee because I feel it is important to attend and be an active participant in all Caucus and RSC meetings. State Committee members should reflect the Republicans from our county.

I have represented all of Luzerne County Republicans for 10+ years and know
who you are and what you believe in.

The power and authority for the state and national GOP originates from the county and I want to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear!

David Baloga

Lake Township

Lake Township committee member; Second District Vice Chairman, Luzerne County Republican Party; Membership and voter registration committee member.

I am a lifelong Republican and a conservative. I believe in free enterprise and trade, limited government, and states rights. I enjoy the right to own firearms (even though I no longer hunt). I am pro-life. I am loyal but independent. I will not support Democrats. No one can buy my vote.
My passion for Conservative, Republican politics keeps me looking to do more for our party. That is why I would like to represent the good people of the Republican Party of Luzerne County, as their State Committee Representative.

I promise to be available to Republican voters and accountable for my actions taken as State Committee Representative. I humbly ask you to consider supporting me with your vote so I can be your voice on our Republican State Committee.

Harry Haas

Wilkes-Barre City

I am so proud to call myself a Republican during these trying times of local corruption, state mismanagement, and federal arrogance. Before this year I considered the role of state committee insignificant; however, in the wake of this past year's disastrous policies on all levels of government, it has never been more important to endorse true conservative Republicans who can effectively communicate--and act upon--the message of limited government, lower taxes, and personal liberty.

Linda Urban

Wilkes-Barre City

I am a dedicated Luzerne County representative on State Committee for the past four years, an avid voter registration/education volunteer, a past member of the 6th District Republican Committee, and the current Judge of Elections in Wilkes-Barre Ward 2. I am very active in local and state politics and frequently write letters to the editor to express my views on issues affecting our community.

As a State Committee member I helped elect highly qualified judges to the bench at the state level, including Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen and Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough. I also helped retain Superior Court Judge Corry Stevens to the bench.

I want to continue representing and serving the voters of Luzerne County and ask for your support at the Primary Election on May 18.

Renita Fennick

Wilkes-Barre Township

I would like to see Luzerne County fully represented at all State Committee meetings and functions.

I would support conservative candidates and weigh the pros and cons of the endorsement process for each situation. I believe state committee members should play an active and supportive role in our county organizations. We need to build a strong foundation for our candidates and the link between the county and state organizations is crucial.

I have long been a strong conservative voice and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe.

Art Bobbouine

Pittston City

I am a lifelong Republican from a city where Republicans are few and far between. I am a Republican committeeman for 16 years, first elected at age 18. I previously served two terms on Republican State Committee during the Ridge years and am looking forward to serving again. I have also served on the Luzerne County Republican Committee for several years having served as Secretary and currently as Vice Chairman of Policies and By-Laws.

I was Chief Deputy Sheriff of Luzerne County under Sheriff Barry Stankus and currently teach Criminal Justice at Fortis institute. I believe that I can represent the Republican Party admirably at State Committee having never missed a meeting or caucus breakfast when I previously served. I was also Treasurer of NECRA Caucus at State Committee. I humbly ask for your support and I know I will never let the Republican voters down.

Margaret Phillips
Dallas Township

(Did Not Participate)

Steven J. Urban

Wilkes-Barre City

(Did Not Participate)


Anonymous said...

The only two I have a real problem with is Steve Urban and Art Bobbouine. Neither one deserves my vote and neither one will get it. Both should pack it in and leave the Republican part to honorable Republicans.

Kathy Dobash said...


Kathy Dobash said...

Tyoing error -

There! Now the link will work.

zorcong said...

"Basically, they want to use us."

'Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Bill Lewis, the guy who was always for Arlen Specter, does nothing for anyone but Bill Lewis

Anonymous said...

Who is Margaret Phillips? Never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

Why is the paid executive of the Luzerne County Republican Party running for office?? Why is that allowed?

Anonymous said...

I see the grredy Urban family is out running for every office again. Amazing how pwer hungry and self centered one family can be. They want all th political jobs there are.

Anonymous said...

Linda Urban is out of control. Why does she run for every office - get a life, Linda.

Anonymous said...

Watch who writes comments at 2:30am -3;00am -

Yes, folks - the unemployed are up writing garbage at that hour - while you are resting to go to work to pay their welfare payments.

Anonymous said...

Is David Baloga the fellow who is actively promoting Tom Corbett? Who would do that? Sam Rohrer is a conservative Republican, one who is pro life. I will not support abortion rights candidates like Corbett and Baloga for office.

Anonymous said...


The whole Urban clan is arunin again!! Vote against em all! Urban clan - return to your home planet - your domination of earth is over

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GeorgeTheClosetBackMountainFairy Queen says:

Lind - shoo shoo

Steve - YUMMY

Love the boots

Anonymous said...

Looks like two lazy canidates couldn't be bothered to answer your questions, Gort - shame on Steve Urban and Margart Phillips - lazy people willnot serve us well

Anonymous said...

Go ART BOBBUINE - you are the best - thanks for what you do for the people of our county - we need more dedicated Republicans like you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Frank the Big Fairy

Hi everyone and kisses to George the Back Mountain Fairy Queen

would love to meet you - maybe bring Stevie Urban along - we could go to that dishy costume store in Scranton Imagine Steve in a Nazi officers coat


Anonymous said...

I respect all voters candidates. Wish everyone would. I will support Corbett as I feel he is best suited to be Governor. I know David Baloga and he is a fine candidate that works for pro-life issues every day. He has my family & friends Support!

Anonymous said...

Cobrett and his supporters are pro aborion taxing liberals - stop all of them from being elected

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

David Baloga is like his loser friend Dan Meuser: they will do or say anything to win, they will double talk everyone. 2 years ago, we voted for Chris Hackett. Now, vote for anyone other than David Baloga. We don't need phoney baloney bullshit artists in imprtant offices.

Anonymous said...

THis is the Outer Space Central Control - Linda - please return to your home planet. Your fellow space creatures need you!

Anonymous said...

Ask the question - who in this group of people is openly supporting Tom Casino Marino fro Congress! Yes - the defeated Dan Mesuer flunkies - watch for the ticket - backed by the casino interests.

Anonymous said...

Here are my comments on some of the above comments:

Gort said...

Behave people

zorcong said...

Did somebody say...Linda?


Anonymous said...

Linda Urban - by her actions - is wholly unsuited for election to any office - anywhere. Having seen her tirades at W-B City Council Meetings, I fear her. She takes reasonable concerns and turns them into outrageous rants and screaming fests.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is aware that canidate Renita Fennick is a full time paid employee of the County republican executive committee and that almost every cent of money given to the Republican party has gone to pay her salary and to rent a county republican office space owned by the county republican chairman's brother in law. No wonder she is running for republican committee. It is all about control, not ever helping county candidates. Ask any republican who ran last fall. They received NO HELP.

Anonymous said...

How true - flunkies get the money and the hard working candidates get nothing.

Anonymous said...

Renita Fennick is a disgrace to the Party

Anonymous said...

What Art has done for the county? You're kidding right? How about the jerk who thinks posts made at 2 or 3 AM are made by welfare folks. I wonder if that numbskull realizes that there are people who are end their workday between 11 PM and 1 AM? Jerk! The reference to a particular candidate wearing a Nazi uniform wouldbe funny if not so serious. My question is, why would an adult man want to look like Adolf Hitler? Seriously, WTF?

Big Dan said...

Yeah, and she needs a new hairstyle...

Anonymous said...