Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congrats Tom Corbett

Republican PA Attorney General Tom Corbett achieved one of the rare feats in politics with his subpoena of the twitter account of the blog CasablancaPA. He united bloggers of all stripes in condemning the move. The reaction of Democratic bloggers was predictable but many PA Republican bloggers also thought that it was a boneheaded action. One thing about bloggers is that we close ranks when one of our own is unfairly attacked.

CasablancaPA should also send a thank you card to the Guv wannabee for making it the most visited sight in Pennsylvania this last week.

Democratic Governor nominee Dan Onorato pierced his thin skin with this statement:

“When I get attacked—whether on anonymous blogs, in campaign ads or in editorials—I respond on the facts, which Corbett has not done in this case,” Onorato said. “Moreover, while it is fine to note the motivations of a critic, it is not acceptable to attempt to bully them into silence—and that’s what Tom Corbett appears to be doing: petty and abusive bullying of a critic. Part of being an executive is dealing with the criticism that comes with making tough decisions.

“This is another example of Tom Corbett politicizing the Attorney General’s office to benefit his campaign,” he added, “the same Harrisburg-insider tactics that Pennsylvanians are tired of and that I will end as governor.”

Corbett withdraws Twitter subpoena

Friday Morning Coffee: The Civil Liberties Edition.


Stephen Albert said...

Is it just me, or does Tom Corbett look just like Leslie Nielsen?

More importantly, is he acting just like Leslie Nielsen, a.k.a. Officer Frank Drebin?

Anonymous said...

What does local rocket scientist and loser Dan Meuser and his goofy sidekick Dave Baloga think of their champion - Mr. Corbett?