Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Times-Leader backs the underdog Derk

For what it is worth the TL has been endorsing candidates this week and they had some surprising picks. As LuLac observed "political endorsements by newspapers no longer have the clout they once did. Just ask Luzerne County Common Pleas Court Judges Michael Blazick and Richard Hughes. "I would add State Rep Christine Katsok to that list.

I have long had the view that most endorsements are only good for a press release unless they bring boots on the ground or bundles of money. That being said it is better to get the endorsement of the local newspaper than not.

My inbox lit up today with the news that the TL endorsed Malcolm Derk in the 10th CD race for the Republican nomination.

Malcolm Derk, Republican for 10th Congressional District

He sent out a press release this week demanding that Congressman Chris Carney give back some campaign contributions from some outfit he doesn't like which happens in every campaign.

Derk is the first one up on the air with a radio ad.

Tom Marino has raised the most money so far and David Maidera is working hard.


Anonymous said...

Endoresements like this generally mean little. But I think it is different in this race. There has been little defining of the candidates by themselves or others and I'd bet if you polled in the district you'd find name id for all less than 15%.

Folks who vote in primaries try to be informed; they tend to be a little older on the GOP side and get much of their data from the newspaper - unlike younger progressives who troll the blogisphere.

I think this means a lot to Mr. Derk and could be the difference in a tight race.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that he is really an underdog. He has less money, but he is the first with radio ads, has the most endorsements by political figures, and has a lot of elected experience.

As someone who is hoping Derk wins, I like the underdog story, as I think voters love an underdog. Not sure it applies, however.

Anonymous said...

So locals want Derk to win and I'm wondering why? Carney has been a great representative for his district and he has stayed away from both left and right crazies. So he should be replaced? Assholes one and all. These are the same people who thought it was OK to have woman beater ranther than a Democrat. Did I say assholes one and all? If not, please allow me to say, assholes one and all.

Anonymous said...

Malcom is easy to like. Well spoken, clean cut, young, underdog,very conservative, never negative vs fellow GOP candidates. I may vote for him. I am still uncommitted!

Anonymous said...

The Underdog talking point being pushed by Derk supports is lame.

Derk should keep doing what he's doing - this line of thinking is crap. I hope the advice didn't come from some professional - like the help Marino is getting - which is sucking the cash out of his campaign. He's being milked just like Meuser in the last election by this "consultants".

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer. Carney did an outstanding job of bringing federal money back to his district and as one of the posters said, he has stayed away from the crazies on both sides and is representing the majority of his constituents. I have no problem voting for Carney and those who do just don't know what to do when good representation finally comes along. Thank you Cong. Carney for the job you'vve done and the job I know you will continue doing. You have my vote locked up.