Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kanjo reacts


I thank the Democratic voters in the 11th District for their support
today in our solid victory over two hard fighting challengers.

Many people in northeastern Pennsylvania are still fighting through
tough times and they deserve to have a representative who is fighting
for them.

I will continue to fight to support our small businesses, preserve
Social Security and Medicare and take care of our veterans who
sacrificed to take care of us..

Make no mistake, 11th District voters will face a real choice this
November. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected I will continue to
put the needs of the people of northeast Pennsylvania first, ahead of
corporate special interests. I will continue to fight for lower taxes
for the middle class and tougher regulations on Wall Street.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kanjorski!! A "solid victory"??? You're still unaware of your surroundings!!!!
More people voted AGAINST YOU than voted FOR you!!!!!! I wouldn't call that a solid victory.
God!!! This is exactly what is wrong in Washington. They're going through life with blinders on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

in a 3 way race he recv'd almost 50% of the vote. that is a solid victory, whether we like it or not.

Chris Paige said...

Poor Corey O'Brien - if it weren't for Brian Kelly's bizarre campaign, he'd have won last night! Cong. Kanjorski should send a fruit basket to Brian Kelly every May 18th for the rest of his life.

Barletta has to be feeling better about his chances, and this should boost his fundraising. Like I said before, if there's a negative in this for Barletta, it's that Kanjo knows he's in trouble and he knows he has to go negative.

The question in this race is whether Kanjo can pound Barletta into the ground before the economy pounds him? Kanjo's media team should ditch the "positive" stuff and start pounding the living daylights out of Barletta. Barletta, on the other hand, better be prepared and nimble because Kanjo's as savvy and tough as they come.

By the time this race is over, you'll know more about Hazleton's finances and the personal foibles of Barletta's supporters than you could imagine possible. If Barletta uses the wrong fork at dinner, you'll know about it; if he leaves the seat up, you'l know about it - nothing will be too small or too personal to merit an attack. Kanjo's got unlimited money & now, he has no illusions about winning positive, so it will be all negative, all the time.

Who said politics isn't fun?

Anonymous said...

There is a big "thing" out there about Lou. Kanjo must know about it. If he does, he has been holding it back for this.
Lou will be out of politics as a republican forever.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about it as well. and it is much more than the wrong fork at dinner.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well even amung thieves, I'm sorry, I mean politicians, there is honor. Some things you just keep quiet about because there's something on Kanjo that never came out too. It's kind of like the cold war. Nobody wants to be the first to fire the first nuke because everyone will lose.

Anonymous said...

i think the one who belongs to the party that claims the holier than thou mantle in the family values arena would be hurt the most. IF of course, there IS something to the talk....

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:04

In a three way race with any half descent incumbent 50% would not be considered a victory let alone a solid one. Remember it is Kanjo who keeps touting his incumbency and what it means to the district. What it actually means is more lobbyist dollars for Kanjo who has now become a resident of Washington, not his district. He gave $20,000 to Leighton who gave it to Mitchell who gave him nothing. Of course Kanjorski is used to giving out money he won't get back...Look at AIG...never gonna see those TARP funds again

Anonymous said...

All of these innuendos are cracking me up. Kanjorski had not one but two people follow Barletta around trying to catch that Youtube moment. He paid Joe Van Wie $10.000.00. But the rumors persist. Where are your family values to respect your neighbor and stay out of his business? An asshole even came out of Virginia and tried for the moment. Did he succeed? Hell no..maybe you people should look in your own homes or your own families for problems. Maybe the dysfunctionality starts with you. People heard about the Feather in Kanjorski's hat. Who cares??? Irrelevant...and certainly not germane to the job problem facing this country.

Anonymous said...

people only care because REPUBLICANS make personal shit campaign issues. i dont know what the rumor is, i dont care.

Anonymous said...

Now the truth comes out. Kanjorski's win can be attributed to Barletta's man in the Democrat Primary, KELLY! (Kelly) What a piece of shit!