Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend update

I skipped blogging this weekend to do other things. But that doesn't mean that I don't have a few things on my mind.

I got a Happy Memorial Day message from Pat Toomey and other politicians today. I'm happy that I got a day off from work so I could grill burgers and dogs but I don't think that is the purpose of the holiday. Remembering our war dead is solemn thing and I have to agree with Another Monkey that the best way to honor them is to stop adding to the list.

The latest news from Corruption Junction is that Clerk of Courts Bob Reilly has resigned. He is working on his plea agreement as is Pat Patte. Those two have been around forever.

The really big news was on Saturday night when Roy Halladay threw a perfect game for the Philladelphia Phillies. It was only the 20th time in history that 27 batters came to the plate and they all made an out.The way the Phillies are hitting right now every pitcher has to throw a perfect game.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Speakign of weekend up dates, I just read a posting on LuLac asking for County Controller Walter Griffith to give a report of his audits since taking office. What audits did he start and which were finished leaving what to be done? Walter is asking for outside help and I'm just wondering if he spent the necessary time doing the audits, why would he need outside help? A newspaper post suggested that if he he is short handed, rather than spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars on outside help, why not hire additional helpers and at the very least, call back the emloyee who was laid off last year. A buddy told me that Walter would be better off if he just did his job and stop trying to be the county cop and having his every move called into the CV or TL. I'm wondering how they can hire outside help when that expense is not listed in the 2010 budget? Walter may need to write himself up as an audit finding. So the question becomes, is Walter a grease fire or a slow and steady burn? If he doesn't release a reort on his audits, then the least that can be said is that he is a phony.

Big Dan said...

Umpire BLOWS call on final out of Detroit Tiger's Andres Galaragga's perfect game: