Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vote in the 10th CD poll

The candidates are Malcolm Derk, Dave Madeira and Tom Marino.

The winner will take on Chris Carney in the fall.

Vote in the poll on the left side bar and tell us in the comments why you think your guy will win.


Anonymous said...

Madeira by a landslide! I think the 18th is too close to call with these three. No one has any polling - race has been docile and respectful.

Anonymous said...

The 10th District has been very respectful with three good candidates and lots of exposer. The way campaigns should be run. Madeira probably has the advantage.

Anonymous said...

If Marino wins, he'll get killed with his DeNaples ties. I can assure you the Democrats will make that a #1 issue.

Personally, I like Derk and Madeira.