Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bob Reilly wants to work

Stop your snickering.

TL: But Reilly doesn’t want to receive a pay check for nothing, according to his attorney, Mike Butera....“He doesn’t want to take the pay without working,” said Butera. “We’re hoping he can take leave as clerk of courts and do other clerical work in the office so he can earn his pay.”

Reilly, 57, of Wilkes-Barre, won’t resign because he is maintaining his innocence, Butera said.

“He is not guilty of the charge they have accused him of,” Butera said.

He is no longer listed as a salesman on the used car company website so he needs something to do. I hope one of these cases finally goes to trial. His accuser is Barton Weidlich who has also been indicted for threatening a witness and is a convicted felon.

Mike Sesak has a brief bio of Weidlich

Incarcerated businessman had access at courthouse


Big Dan said...

Wow! What a nice guy! Does he give to childrens' fund like Mericle, too?

Anonymous said...

It seems that being accused in this area is good enough. We don't need trials, just hang um!

I have to give serious thought to the fact that the only proof that Reilly did something wrong is the word of a guy who is look for a deal and the more names he gives, the better the deal. I think it is a corruption of the system to convict people based on the word of an admitted felon but that's just me. The vigilante's can grab their ropes and hang um high -- Then when it's their turn in the barrel, they can scream for Madam Justice who left town on the last stage to Arizona. Ben Franklin and friends must be rolling in their graves.

Anonymous said...

If Ben and the boys are rolling in their graves, I doubt it is with laughter. This is not funny. The pea brains really believe that the problem is the form of government. Look at what's going on with the Study Commission. All they do is fight and argue so what do you think will happen when we have 11 member council? But the number isn't the problem, the entire idea sucks right from the getgo. I want what we have but we have to find good candidates and people do have to getoff tehir dead asses and vote. If you're looking to lay blame, start with yourself. What did you do to get a freind to vote? Did you vote? assholes!

Anonymous said...

Hey ANON 2:59:
First of all anyone with half a brain should be able to read the writing in the wall with regards to how the FBI and the corrupt they indict operate. First, the FBI do not indict until they are absolutely proof positive. They spend a long patient time investigating,crossing their I's and crossing their T's. Second, all the corrupt,so far, ALL have said right from the beginning they were not guilty right up until the end and then....yes, then, they cop a plea with the FBI. Right or wrong? Is this not what happens? Hello? I will gaurantee you this is what is going to happen in this case as well and I will even go so far to say that there is way much more the feds are not telling you. And don't have to, not yet anyway. Did you read his indictment yet? No you didn't, no one did. Know why ass kisser... because they didn't release it yet. Did you happen to notice out of all the indictments, his was the only one so far not released. You probably didn't because you have half a brain...and I'm giving you lots on that one. Probably more than you really have, OBVIOUSLY!!! Do you know why they didn't release it, because there is so much more to come..strap in!! I'll leave you with that, it's probably way too much for you to absorb right now - Moron! It's no wonder you think the world of these self serving, power hungry, greedy theifs who think they are above everyone and the law. They probably had to get you a job, because with S**t for brains, you couldn't get through life without these slimes. And the high taxes you pay, yep, all due the kind of people you spend your time praising. God Bless you, you obviously really don't know any better!!!!!! And here's for the Feds: HANG EM!!!!!!