Sunday, May 23, 2010

CasablancaPA vs. Tom Corbett

Somehow I have been dragged into this argument between Republican Governor candidate and PA Attorney General Tom Corbett versus the website CasablancaPA. Was it something I said?

Big Dan tells me that Corbett is trying hack into my site without much success and sends along this video evidence.


D.B. Echo said...

Why should he need to hack? You already blew your cover with that stunt you pulled at the White House last week. You shouldn't have worn the hat!

WVW: reolyall

"I am keepin' it reolyall."

Big Dan said...

Your comment that he looks like Leslie Nielsen is going to HAUNT him!!!!!!! Because it's TRUE!!!!!!!

Well played, win this round..................

Watch everyone start calling him "Leslie Nielsen"!!! Or Naked Gun...

Joe V said...

Gort - Darn, how did he know my login and password?

Anonymous said...

Can we have Nielsen as a gubernatorial candidate instead?

Corbett and Nielsen do look a lot alike. LOL!

Dana R Pico said...

In this post, "Ugarte" of CasablancaPA says, "We are endlessly amused by the timidity of the Patriot-News editorial board," and tells them to "Cowboy up, wimps."

Well, I am endlessly amused by the notion that an anonymous blogger, who is fighting so hard to stay anonymous, is calling someone else a wimp, telling someone else to "cowboy up."

Big Dan said...

Crooks & Liars:

As columnist Steve Lopez would say back when he used to cover my home state's politics: "Pennsylvania, Land of Giants." There are few ethics laws in PA, and the ones that exist are toothless. (And we don't have limits on campaign contributions. Nice, huh?)

Take, for instance, our state Attorney General Tom Corbett, a former lobbyist for Waste Management Inc. He just won the Republican nomination for governor, and guess what's first on his list?

Sending a subpoena to Twitter to force them to identify two of his critics.

PA Attorney General Tom Corbett Hopes To Ride A Wave of Sleaze to the Governor's Mansion

Bluebear2 said...


Big Dan's got it covered!