Tuesday, May 04, 2010

El alcalde Lou Barletta quiere ver sus papeles

Lou Barletta strongly supports Arizona law against illegal immigration

Mayor: Where do Kanjorski, O'Brien, Kelly stand on the new law?
May 3rd

Hazleton, PA – Today, Hazleton Mayor and 11th Congressional District Candidate Lou Barletta strongly endorsed the Arizona law that cracks down against illegal immigration.

Arizona’s SB 1070 gives local and state law enforcement officials more authority to query the federal government about a person's immigration status.

“Four years ago, the failure of the federal government to address the problems created by millions of illegal aliens led me to introduce and champion the Illegal Immigration Relief Act in Hazleton. It's amazing to me that now, four years later, the federal government has still failed to secure our borders and deal with the drain of illegal immigration on municipalities and states,” Mayor Barletta said. “I commend Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona for signing into law what her courageous legislators passed. I understand the pressure they will now be under because I faced that very same pressure in Hazleton by the very same groups. I was called some of the very same names they’re being called right now.

“But, after reviewing the law and speaking with experts who helped draft the legislation, I am confident that the Arizona law includes sufficient safeguards against racial profiling and protects the rights of legal American citizens,” Mayor Barletta continued. “Just like the people of Hazleton several years ago, the people of Arizona were confronted with a dangerous problem and they looked to their elected officials for leadership. I’m proud to say I led the fight here in Hazleton, and I congratulate Gov. Brewer and Arizona lawmakers for standing tall in the face of misguided criticism.

“I'm disappointed but not surprised that the federal government is not taking any steps to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States,” Mayor Barletta added. “Our borders remain wide open to those wishing to sneak into this country. That poses an incredible threat to our national security. And, in these difficult economic times, the underground workforce of illegal aliens is taking jobs away from newly arrived legal immigrants, high school graduates, and other Pennsylvanians who desperately need a job.

Mayor Barletta started the national debate about illegal immigration in June 2006, when he proposed and spearheaded the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, an ordinance passed by the Hazleton City Council that requires all employers in the city to check the immigration status of all of its employees and for all landlords to keep on file a city-issued permit for all tenants. The ordinances also made English the language of official city business in Hazleton.

On the eve of the introduction of Pennsylvania’s own law, Mayor Barletta also asked where his opponents in the 11th Congressional District race – Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Corey O'Brien, and Brian Kelly – stand on the Arizona law.

“For more than a week, this legislation has been in the forefront of American debate, yet Mr. Kanjorski, Mr. O'Brien, and Mr. Kelly remain woefully silent on this critical national issue,” Mayor Barletta said. It's time they take a public position on this bill.

“I'd especially like to hear from Mr. Kanjorski, who absolutely needs to explain his inaction in securing our borders and stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, Pennsylvania, and the 11th District. “He cannot continue to hide behind spokesmen. Let's hear from him directly.”


PoorRichard said...

Lou seems to be in the vast minority who believe the Arizona law is constitutional.

PoorRichard said...

Opps .... almost forgot -- NO PIZZA for Lou. I will personally circulate a petition to force Lou to eat nothing but hot chili peppers for one year and NOT ON A PIZZA!

Anonymous said...

As if that idiot would be able to make a cogent argument about the constitutionality of anything. He didn't even graduate from college, let alone law school. Man of the people? No, just a dumbass xenophobe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou, fill me in how is the multi-million dollar lawsuit looking?

you are a fake.

Anonymous said...

Just look at how bombing downtown hazelton is now since Lou has railed against non whites.. O wait, it is more abandoned then ever....

Anonymous said...

Doesn't take much brainpower to throw rocks.

Everytime I come here I see these nasty comments about Barletta. Many appear to be from the mis-informed. Any dope can throw rocks. Yes, much of it comes from one huy who has made this into a career. Here is my opinion.
Lou Barletta has the balls to stand up and say what he believes. Meanwhile, Kanjorski and O'Brien are hiding under a rock. Furthermore, Barletta believes that immigration is a good thing that makes this country strong. It wasn't that long ago that his grandfather immigrated here. Barletta opposes ILLEGAL immigration. That kind of immigration is about people who don't pay taxes sucking off of the system. That is why Hazleton is broke. Furthermore, Hazelton is a hell of a lot less broke since he has been mayor.
The multi million dollar lawsuit files by the far left ACLU is under appeal. It seems like a good sign that the appeal is taking so long. If it were an easy no decision, it would be done by now.

Big Dan said...

So, then "liberal" Steve Corbett of WILK will take Lou Barletta to task on this, and fry him on his show and bash him for days...like he does to Democrats, right???

Big Dan said...

“For more than a week, this legislation has been in the forefront of American debate, yet Mr. Kanjorski, Mr. O'Brien, and Mr. Kelly remain woefully silent on this critical national issue,” Mayor Barletta said.

Actually, if anybody has remained "woefully silent" on this issue, it's Lou Barletta. He was all over the radio almost daily, until this happened. This is the first I've heard of him since this happened.

Lou Barletta would embarrass NEPA on the NATIONAL stage, if he ever got elected to congress. He should move down south to the Confederacy, where he belongs. He'd fit right in Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virgia...YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!

Lou Barletta is a shameful, disgraceful embarrassment. Please don't let him embarrass NEPA on the national stage!

Big Dan said...

Don't let the rest of the United States think we're a bunch of HICKS up here like Arizona by voting in Lou Barletta.

shivas said...

Big Dan:

Maybe you oughta get out of your ivory tower and have a look around. Having lived in both the south and NEPA, I believe I can report with equanimity That NEPA has an equal if not disproportionate ratio of rednecks to geniuses such as yourself as the south.

shivas said...

Now that I got my own rock throwing in...
The only way to solve the illegal imigration problem is to turn off the the magnet that is the US welfare system. There are many foreign nationals who would like to emigrate to the US, but can't because of the limits on the numbers we'll take from their country. If government welfare (not charity) became the right of US citizens only, and we removed the limits on emigration by country, we could live up to the words on the Statue of Liberty, we could attract the majority of the illegals who actually come here to work and secure the borders all at the same time.
Instead the liberals want to give everyone a free ride, whether they pay taxes or not and they want to increase the confiscation rates to pay for it. I think they have the right to give out free rides, but the should do it through charity with their own money.
On the other hand, the right wing nut jobs want to stop illegal immigration for mythical reasons like they are taking American jobs. For many of those on the right, the real issue is racism and xenophobia.
It appears to me that Barletta is not against immigration, but against Americans footing the bill for it and he has the pulpit to make his point. Those who claim racism are merely trying to shout him down.

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on Lou. Everyone knows Louie likes LatinA's