Saturday, May 15, 2010

President Clinton backs Doherty

Former President Bill Clinton has endorsed Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty in the PA Senate 22nd district race. It is unheard of for a former President to get involved in a local primary election.

Clinton was a successful President who left office with the country at peace with the finances in order. In 2000 there was a budget surplus that his successor blew all to hell so maybe the Teabaggers who are all worried about the deficits that Bush gave us should want him back in the White House.

The message from the Doherty camp crowing about it:

There won't be a bigger endorsement in the state senate campaign than this:

Former President Bill Clinton is supporting Mayor Doherty in the May 18 primary!

Starting today, we're launching a campaign to highlight President Clinton's support.

So, please listen to his endorsement here, then forward this e-mail to three of your friends right now to help spread the word.

As you know, the Clintons have always had a special connection to Scranton. Secretary of State Clinton's family hails from the area, and both of them have made several trips to Northeast Pennsylvania on various campaigns over the years.

As the president says in his endorsement, Chis Doherty "helped to turn the city [of Scranton] around," and "he'll bring the same energy and dedication to all of Northeast Pennsylvania" as he works to bring good paying jobs into the district and to clean up Harrisburg.

We couldn't be more proud to receive President Clinton's support.


Anonymous said...

"The message from the Doherty camp crowing about it" WTF Gort? You must have a real problem with both Clinton and Doherty or you would have written a much softer lead in. Personaly, I think it is remarkable that a man of President Clinton's posture would take the time to endorse a state office seeker. He must be impressed with Doherty to go that far out on a limb for him. I for one will abnsolutely vote for Chris and I will do so proudly. Clinton didn't sway me because I saw the value in Chris long before President Clinton pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chris Doherty will hire any interns?

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets the chance! I think he is the only qualified candidate in that run. Yudichak's car pool buddy has had his problems with per diem as well. Why is that not a bigger issue than is made of it? Are we so used to fraud and misuse of taxpayer money that we are more concerned about a Christian Act?