Sunday, May 02, 2010

Senate 14 this week

Mrs G asked me tonight who I would be voting for in the PA 14th Senate race. I honestly don't know because I like both of these gentlemen.

Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton went up on the air today with an ad that says "Tom Leighton gets things done." He promises more property tax cuts using the casino revenue.

State Rep John Yudichak keeps racking up the labor endorsements

Yudichak Receives Unanimous Endorsement of AFSCME

On the way to Mark's yesterday we passed by the PAV where Yuddy had an event that was well attended.

The Yonk says he has another spot

State Senate candidate John Yudichak will preview a new ad Sunday night on “60 Minutes” Yudichak has been campaigning like a virtual whirlwind invading Plains Township yesterday for a polka party with John Stanky and the Coalminers.


Anonymous said...

Tom Leighton has done nthing but plunge the City of Wilkes Barre in debt the past 8 years he has been in office and has raised taxes 3 times as well. This guy is bad for the State and bad for the City of Wilkes Barre he is a power hungry person who is interested in his own paycheck as is evidenced by his ability to raise his own salary to over 90,000.00 vote NO TO TOM LEIGHTON

Anonymous said...

you fault Leighton for a pay raise and not Yudichak!! John voted NO on the pay raise, TOOK the pay raise, and if it wasn't for the newspaper questioning him on it you wouldn't even know. So what does he do once we found out he took the money, HE puts it in THE YUDICHAK FAMILY FOUNDATION! THEN he hands this money out like some Saint, it should be the Pennsylvania Family Foundation, us taxpayers should take credit for that!


Tony Thomas said...

I think it's a big problem that his ad fails to mention what seat he is running for. We on the blogosphere certainly will be well informed enough, but that doesn't help voters who are out of the loop or not paying close attention to who is running for what.

Anonymous said...


I like both too, but Yuddy has better record, but then again every legislator has a better record than any executive because it is an easier job.

they are both pretty conservative, but I would say Leighton may be a closet Republican