Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10th CD results

Tom Marino will face Congressman Chris Carney in the fall.

DERK, MALCOLM L. (REP) 13,956 29.9%
MADEIRA, DAVID (REP) 13,942 29.8%
MARINO, THOMAS A. (REP) 18,832 40.3%

I'll have fun with this one.


Anonymous said...

Well Dave, you honestly thought you were a shoe in because of your pal winning the nomination two years ago. It's funny how his name didn't even come up this time but people don't forget. Hell, you even had your "victory celebration" up at the Grotto just like he did.
Just in case you weren't sure, just take a look at the numbers. We didn't forget. My only regret is that you were in the race. Derk might have pulled it off without you screwing things up. But, just like your buddy, you were only looking out for your own interests.

the f word poster said...

maderia lost. get over it. unlike last time can we please get the fuck behind marino. can you fuckwad kind of republicans only when your fucking guy wins get the fuck over it and fucking work on un fucking seating carney/

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with last poster. I was a Derk supporter, but would much rather have Marino than Carney. No need to rub it into the loser.

I think both Madeira and Derk have asked their supporters to back Marino.

Who likes dirty, negative campaigns? 10th District - is that your hand I see?

Well, you're in luck ...