Monday, May 17, 2010

State Committee R

It looks like our final guest post in the series is from Harry Haas.

My old geography professor from Montana told us there were two types of people: lumpers and splitters. A "lumper" is one who unites and a "splitter" divides. My reason for running for Republican State Committee is to unite the party under viable candidates and craft solid platforms that make common sense to a public weary of the splitters: namely, political hacks with personal agendas of self-preservation.

I'm asking Republican voters of Luzerne County to send me along with 5 others to Harrisburg who will nominate Republican candidates who will uphold the constitution, restrain out-of-control spending, and retain our civil liberties that have been eroded by huge taxes and wasteful government programs. Most Americans believe in these core principles, and we need good candidates who will build consensus around these ideas.

Thank you Gort, for your public service.

Interested parties can visit for more information.


Anonymous said...

Harry is the man!!!

whatever you do R's be careful who you send to Harristurd. Many of our current state committee people never attend the state meetings. They just have former a party chairperson go and vote for them. Those people do not deserve the position.

Anonymous said...

Harry Haas is an honest conservative! I will vote for him! His friends will get my vote too!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a full time paid job with the Luzerne County Republican Party where I can, full time, campaign for myself for office?? Answer this one Harry!

Anonymous said...

Linda, if you had applied for the position with the county party when it was advertised two years ago you might have gotten it.

Anonymous said...

Here is another PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEE tyring to use politics to further his career

Living off the public tax dollar

Big Dan said...

How about out of control WAR spending: $2.5 BILLION a week. I guess that's off the table of discussion by EVERYONE!!!!!!! The biggest government expenditure, more than all others combined. Off the table of discussion. We're a warlike people, we've had 20 major wars in the just over 200 years of existence. $2.5 BILLION a week on wars...brothers!!! NOT discussed by ANYONE!!! And btw...most of your tax money for this goes to PRIVATE CONTRACTORS, did you know this? That's why we always have war. "War is a racket" - Colonel Smedley Butler, look him up, the most highly decorated marine.

NO ONE will talk about cutting WAR spending, the biggest government spending of all others combined, so NO ONE is serious about cutting government spending. It's all a joke. What they really want to cut, is everything EXCEPT WAR spending. In fact, don't even DISCUSS it! Both parties. Keep the war racket going. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Big Dan what fucking influence will a state committee member have over the war?
You blogger assholes go all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Renita is surely going to turn a lot of people away from the county committee by this act. Why would you run for state committee against the very people that have been loyal foot soldiers for the party for far longer than you have been around. Oh and the same people that aren't paid $50,000 per year to be part of the republican party. Just keep pushing everyone away and soon it will just be the handpicked few that remain.

Anonymous said...

To 11:39 PM Anonymous (Can't you people start crafting fake names for yourselves? It makes responding very difficult.): Bloggers perform a valuable service to the community - they provide news from different perspectives and often report things we may not hear about in the MSM. Bloggers are generally the 'Everyman' variety of writer, which makes blogs refreshing. :)

I would guess that Dan's comment was in reference to the types of GOP candidates Haas said he would like to see. Haas mentioned spending, civil liberties, taxes, and government programs. These are all issues which pertain to the candidates being nominated by the state committee. Ergo, Dan just mentioned that he believes the war and war spending are also issues that deserve the attention of the GOP State Committee.

While one may agree or disagree with Dan on the war, he has every right to want to know candidates' positions on the issues.

BTW, what does Haas think of the primary endorsements?

the f word poster said...

I'm sorry, but state comittee doesn't nominate any candidates. They endorse. The nomination is done state wide.
This is the problem with bloggers, you don't even know the fucking process but you fucking spout off your mouths.