Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lou Barletta wasted no time

Lou Barletta congratulates Kanjorski

Mayor anticipates a lively, spirited campaign


Hazleton, PA – Congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta released the following statement after the results of the primary election were known:
“These were not good numbers for Paul Kanjorski. The unofficial returns show that a majority of voters in Mr. Kanjorski’s own party have rejected him. If you add in my vote totals, it’s an overwhelming rejection of Mr. Kanjorski. This is a great indicator for the general election.
“I would to thank everyone who voted for me today. I also congratulate tonight's winners and those who did not win. Putting your name on the ballot is not an easy thing, and anyone who does should be applauded.
“I would like to congratulate Paul Kanjorski for his victory and I look forward to a lively and hard-fought campaign in the general election. I also extend my appreciation to Corey O'Brien and Brian Kelly for making their voices heard.
“Our country is at a crossroads and our leaders in Washington are pushing us down the wrong path. Whether we admit it or not, each of us can feel it in our gut that bad choices are being made in the nation's capitol. This election is going to be a choice between a candidate who wants to continue the failed policies that are leading us down a road to ruin and a candidate who wants to stop the out of control spending, government takeovers, and Wall Street bailouts.
“I look forward to making my case for new leadership to the people of this district over the next several months.”


Anonymous said...

remember this, Democrats vote for Democrats, not racist. you can think you will get Democratic votes, isnt going to happen

Anonymous said...

is that an accent? get against the wall. show me your papers. you are guilty until proven innocent.
the 4th amendment.. huh? never heard of it.
secure in your persons? please, you speak funny.
puerto rico? that isn't a state you don't have any rights.
a territory. duuh.. look i'm just a dumb ex-jock who was born with money.

Anonymous said...

Dems aren't racist???? Okay, I'll bite. Then why wasn't Anthony Williams elected??? Ohhhhhhhh, cause it's only racist when a Republican doesn't vote for a black man like with Obama. I get it. This is why liberal Dems will always be hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

we are talking about Barletta, he IS> you like him so much i suggest you move to Hazleton and pay his taxes and ride his pot hole ridden streets!

Anonymous said...

lets see dems nominate and elect a president of african-american descent. the second place finisher is a woman with a great education and many accomplishments.

the republicans elect a stogy, white man to be president. o wait they did put a woman on the ticket. her education was scattered, her knowledge of world affairs was so-so, but she is fucking hot, with a smoking body and fucking killer legs.... that is a great criteria

Anonymous said...

Republicans didn't notice the smoking body or the killer legs because they didn't see them in a men's room stall! As for Democrats voting for Democrats, how the hell did Latino Brown Lou get ellected if not with Democrat votes. How did he do so well in places such as Pittston where even Carter did well? Italian me boy, Italian. Idiot voters in Luzerne County dumped and the dummies in Nanticoke dumped so I think we need to reconsider about the solid Democrat vote. The bright side is that even the loyal Italians are anoyed with Latino Brown Lou this time. They didn't realize how he destroyed Hazleton with his bigotted laws.

Big Dan said...

Lou Barletta belongs in the Confederacy. This is the north.

Unknown said...


“Those who seek to truly know themselves and others, need merely apply this rule.
A person will first see in others those things most prevalent in themselves,
the good man will see their good, the honorable will see their honor,
while the bigot will see their bigotry,and the Racist will see their Racism…
Of this there remains no doubt” - VICAAP International -