Monday, May 17, 2010

Malcolm Derk sends a letter

An Open Letter to the 10th Congressional District

These past few months, I have had the amazing honor of meeting voters from across all 14 counties in this District. I have worked hard to earn your vote on Election Day. There are important issues in this campaign, and my Republican opponents and I agree on most of them. We are all pro-life, pro-second amendment, and advocate fiscally conservative policies. I will support either of my primary opponents should they win the nomination. That being said, I will highlight two things that distinguish me from my opponents. I have served on the front lines defending taxpayers as a County Commissioner and I am the most likely to defeat Chris Carney in November.

As a County Commissioner, I have balanced multi-million dollar budgets while never raising taxes for the people of Snyder County. I also held my ground against a corporate bailout, even when Governor Rendell put pressure on us to provide the funds. I will take this proven experience as a fiscal conservative to Washington and push for policies that will balance our bloated federal budget by cutting spending, not raising taxes.

Regarding electability, I have no baggage and will be better able to defeat Chris Carney. Marino’s campaign has already been sidetracked by questions of his past employment and Madeira has advocated a change in the law that would make your medical records public by overturning HIPAA. Chris Carney would certainly make this a focus of his campaign. These issues will sidetrack the other candidates should they win the primary, and would make it easier for Chris Carney to win reelection in November. I will be able to keep the focus of the election on my experience and Carney's failed record.

It has been an honor to campaign on a platform of responsible conservative leadership, and I am personally touched by the outpouring of support that I have received from all corners of the District. I ask for your support to continue this journey all the way to Washington, DC – I need your vote on May 18th.

Thank you and God bless,

Malcolm Derk

Candidate for Congress

Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District


Anonymous said...

He's got my vote - good luck!

Scott said...

Derk is misrepresenting (to put it mildly) Madeira's position on HIPPA, and is too inexperinced to even know it!

Madeira's position on HIPPA results from experience as a doctor, dealing with the unnecessary paperwork and resrictions that are the uninteded consequences of such an ill conceived government regulation.

Anyone tried to jump through the HIPPA regs to change an appointement for an aging grandparent? I have! "I'm sorry" they say, "we can't do that, because you are not on the list of approved caretakers. You'll have to get on the list when you bring him in for his appointment!" But of course we can't make that appointment...that's why I'm trying to reschedule!!!!

Anonymous said...

Madeira here overs a passionate defense for why he wants to overturn hippa. He doesn't say he wants anything to replace them, just that he wants to overturn them.

He has been sending out emails to people saying Malcolm is lying about this - the video looks like proof to me he said it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just watched the video, and I agree with Madeira.

My records weren't public before hippa, and they still aren't, only now I have to jump through hoops to get them. Get rid of hippa and my records will still be private, and no more hoops.

Anonymous said...

Is hippa the big issue? I want someone who can bring spending in line with resources. Washington leadership has spent too much $$$ for too long. Government can guide the direction, supply a boost, but it is not the fuel to take us into a prosperous future. Who can bring productivity to the job market and get the America economy self supporting? Derk has my vote.