Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Arlen Specter in Pittston

Specter explains the murder of the President

The chief architect of the "single bullet theory" was the Warren Commission's ambitious junior counsel, Arlen Specter, now U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania......While Specter managed to sell his "single bullet theory" to the Warren Commission, he had trouble selling it to the American public. A recent New York Times/CBS poll found that 77 percent of Americans rejected the Warren Report's conclusions.
For a list of Arlen Specter's other deceptions regarding the JFK assassination click here:
Fetzer (compiled by researcher, James Fetzer).

Specter invokes Scottish law on impeachment

Specter cited Scottish law, saying there could be "three possible verdicts: guilty, not guilty, not proved." "Given the option in this trial, I suspect many senators would choose "not proved" instead of "not guilty," Specter said.

And let's not forget that he was convicted murderer Ira Eichhorn's attorney. Remember him, he killed his girlfriend and stuffed her into a box and left the country. The law caught up with him many years later and he was returned to the US and is now in jail. Not to mention the recent building naming incident.

On Monday he was in Pittston and attracted an enormous crowd of about 30 people and addressed the Ailto nomination and his hair cut. He managed to say a few thing that drive some in his own party nuts.

Specter said "there is no easy answer" for ending the U.S. military presence in Iraq, and he said Hurricane Katrina was "a disaster in every way." " It showed how unprepared we are if we have a terrorist attack," the senator said.

When U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Johnstown, called for an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. That prompted U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, to refer to Murtha, a decorated Vietnam veteran, as a "coward."

Specter said Schmidt's remark was "out of line." He was expressing his heartfelt views," Specter said of Murtha, "and I think they have to be respected and considered. I don't agree with his call for immediate withdrawal, but ... the reaction I thought was unwarranted." You don't have to agree with people in our society, but you have to give them an opportunity to express themselves and to consider what they have in mind," Specter said.

So after he talks some sense he gets into the TO and Eagles situation. From the Inky:

The senator says the NFL and the Eagles may have violated antitrust laws in punishing the wide receiver.

Sen. Arlen Specter, ardent Eagles fan and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, yesterday accused the NFL and its Philadelphia franchise of potentially violating antitrust laws in their treatment of Terrell Owens.
Speaking at a news conference in Harrisburg, Specter (R., Pa.) said he was investigating the matter and might refer it to the Senate panel's antitrust subcommittee.

Then he came to his senses:

Sen. Arlen Specter backed off a threat to have a Senate subcommittee investigate whether the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles violated antitrust laws in their handling of Terrell Owens. Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Tuesday that he talked to lawyers in the Justice Department about the issue.
"I think it's more a matter for them than us because we've got ... a lot of matters which take precedence over this for our own time," said Specter, R-Pa.

This guy has been a senator since 1980 and how he even got elected in the first place, let alone continually re-elected, I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Specter hasmuch bipartisan hatred not so much for being a moderate but for being a moron, so he goes after Bork, pissed of Conseratvie, goes after hill pisses of Libs, Supportds t.O. pisses of everryone in Philadelphia, the only place they dont already hate him

Anonymous said...

Personally, I always liked Arlen. Of course, I have been comparing him for the last twelve years to our other Senator--and anyone would look good in that situation.