Friday, November 18, 2005

Local blog news

There has been some comings and goings in our small world of PA bloggers. A very welcome addition is Politics: Lehigh Valley Style written by one of the most knowledgeable people of Pennsylvania politics I have run into on the internets. He uses the handle LVDem and as the name suggests he will concentrate on the Lehigh Valley. But as his first few posts suggest he will give us a good dose of what is going on statewide. He is also a regular contributor to Keystonepolitics that does a great job of alerting us to what is going on around our Commonwealth. He and I are also regular commenters on GrassrootsPA that is written the head of the Young Conservatives of PA(YCOP) Chris Lilik who led the charge against the pay grab. Keep an eye on Chris, this is a young man that is going places.

On the going side Alex has stopped writing Pstupidonymous but is promising to come back with a group effort in the near future. He is another YCOP member who is not shy about blasting the GOP when they stray from being conservative. I have even lifted some of his writing and put it on this site because he just makes sense. It just goes to show -liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican -there are many things that we can agree on. I'm looking forward to his new endeavor.

If you watch the local news and want some inside baseball check out Beale's Bites. It is written by an employee of one of the local stations and has some great feedback from other people in the business. I don't watch much local news as the presentation is so stupid. Car hits tree, someone's house burned down, etc. all brought to you by Harry Hairspray, Jane Teeth with comic relief from the the weatherman. About the only time I tune in is election time just to see the candidates ads. I know, I'm weird.

On a related note the Blogfather is engaged in some mischief (surprise), over the last 2 days. He has been critiquing the local blogsphere without naming names. His point being that we should stop calling each other names and work to find some common ground. I'll drink to that.

Geek Stuff: This morning I tried to move my blogroll from the bottom of the page to the sidebar and succeeded in wiping out the whole thing. I don't want to tinker with it further as I'm afraid I will do more damage. Any advice is most welcome. When I bought this wizzbang thing I said I needed a kid to show me how it works. So if anyone out there has a teenager that understands HTML please send them over. I promise to send them back or maybe not, depending on your preference.


Doctor Rick said...

Lilik is a genius. The first time I met him I could tell he'll be somewhere in the future.

As for blogs, I'd have to agree that it is sad that Alex resigned.

I like reading your website because our blogs are so much similar, yet different. There aren't many local political bloggers. I think its a great idea you had in compiling them and creating a network.

Gort said...

We have to stick together or we all will hang seperatly.

LVDem said...

Thanks for the mention, though the reputation that you give me might be too big a burden to meet. Again, very kind of you. Actually, your model of localizing a blog got me going on this so I should be thanking you for that inspiration.