Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cynthia Ore and Don Sherwood settle lawsuit

The timing of this is great coming the day after the local elections. Give credit to the Sherwood campaign to try to bury it in all the other political news but the national media and the blogs will pick it up, this one is hopefully one of the first. This just shows what a hypocrite this guy is. Mr. Family Values has these ratings:

The Christian Coalition of America gives Sherwood an 84 percent rating for voting with the coalition's positions on legislative issues.

The American Conservative Union rates him at 88 percent.

The American Family Association gives Sherwood a perfect 100-percent rating.

From the TL:

U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood and the woman who said he beat her throughout their five-year affair settled a lawsuit Tuesday. A three-sentence press release issued by Sherwood spokesman Paul Clark said Ore and Sherwood, R-Tunkhannock, "have resolved their differences and the lawsuit will be dismissed." Terms of the settlement are confidential," the statement said. "The parties will have no further comment.”

It alleged years of abuse by the married congressman, who admits to having a five-year affair with Ore, but denies ever assaulting her. The lawsuit stated Sherwood repeatedly struck Ore on her face, neck, chest and back; violently yanked her hair; and tried to strangle her by placing his hands around her neck. It also says Sherwood threatened to harm Ore if she talked to police about the alleged abuse.

Israel Ruiz, a Metropolitan police officer who took photos of Ore during that second investigation, told the Times Leader he believed Sherwood should have been arrested. He said the congressman was given preferential treatment because of his political position.

I have had enough of sanctimonious people like this who want to tell me how to run my life but can't keep their own house in order.


Carl said...

There's no excuse for this dick to still be pumping.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should be the new Viagra Spokesperson, replacing Bob Dole?

Anonymous said...

She's a man baby - check the adam's apple, jaw shadow and PUN name. Settlement = gender coverup?