Friday, November 25, 2005

Phils deal Thome

The Phillies have traded slugging first baseman Jim Thome to the World Champion White Sox for center fielder Aaron Rowand. They also got two pitching prospects and agreed to eat $22 million of the money owed to him over the next three years. The notoriously cheap Phillies are going to pay a player to hit home runs for another team, that's a first. With the emergence of Rookie of the Year Ryan Howard this was inevitable. But I'm sorry to see him go. How can you not like the aw' shucks, fan friendly, great teammate, 400+ career home run country boy.

This trade make sense for both teams since World Series MVP 1B Paul Konerko is a free agent and may sign with another team and the Phils need a center fielder. Kenny Lofton had a great year platooning with Jason Michaels but with his age and injury problems the Phillies decided not to keep him. I have to congratulate new General Manager Pat Gillick for making a creative trade and not letting a first base controversy drag on throughout the winter. But Ryan Howard is no guarantee of success as other Rookies of the year have shown. Can anyone say Ben Grieve?

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