Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Out of Iraq

Imagine if you looked out the window of your house in Wilkes-Barre and continually watched an Army of another country who looked different and didn't speak your language march up and down your street. I think you would object to the situation. Why can't my pro-war friends understand that?

It is time to leave Iraq. The original mission was to take away Iraqi nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Then the justification was to overturn a murderous dictator. Now it's to build democracy in the country. Can anyone say mission creep?

John Murtha changed the debate:

The top House Democrat on military spending matters stunned colleagues yesterday by calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran, said many of those troops are demoralized and poorly equipped and, after more than two years of war, are impeding Iraq's progress toward stability and self-governance.

The Republicans started to attack him and then thought better of it. John Murtha is no left winger and when he calls for a rethink, you should listen. Our local Congressmen have not chimed in. I don't know what Kanjorski or Sherwood think about this war since they voted for it. I hope big Paul will back Murtha but I'm sure Sherwood will take his orders and keep his mouth shut.

I haven't heard from Joe Leonardi about this issue or any other. I wish he would say something one way or another.

I received this email from Chris Carney :


Dimock, Pa.-Statement of Chris Carney, Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, in response to President BushÂ’s speech on Iraq:

"Today, I was happy to hear from President Bush that there are 40 Iraqi combat battalions serving their country independent of American troops. It is now time for 40 American battalions to come home, and as each additional Iraqi battalion becomes independent, another American battalion should come home.
Because of the efforts of our troops, Iraq is now nurturing a new democracy and on its way towards true selfgovernancee.”

Not a bad way to get out of this. If the locals are ready to take over let them. But get our people out.

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Anonymous said...

Good points; As Powell told Bush, "You go there, You own it." Well, we do own it and the time has come for us to give it back. It is imperative that these Iraqi forces be trained EFFICIENTLY and equally imperative that the American people be told the TRUTH and not with smoke and mirrors. How about the President dealing straight with us for a change. And he wonders why his numbers are down.