Sunday, November 06, 2005


I enjoy Sunday. Read the papers and watch Meet the Press and the other news shows, then NFL football. I rarely get to do it.

Today the sports news is dominated by soap opera that has become TO and the Eagles. First I heard he is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and now CBS and ESPN radio is reporting that he will play tonight. Whatever, I doubt if the birds will make it back to the Super Bowl this year. The biggest problem is they are too pass happy. If Donavan has a bad game they are sunk, they need a big bruising back to take the pressure off of him.

Back to Sunday. I cut the grass for the last time this season and attempted to organize the shed when it started raining. The dog got a bath and he is still pissed off about it. I was disapointed that Coughlin lost to Valley West.

Penn State had a great game yesterday beating Wisconsin 35-14 and moved up in the polls to No. 6. PSU could beat anybody right now. But the pecking order of the polls will work against them. They are headed to the Fiesta Bowl and hopefully a matchup with Notre Dame or Florida State.

Enough of this rambling, I'm going to blast U-2's Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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