Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Luzerne County buy out

I know, I'm obsessed about this issue but we should all be pissed off about his one. Here is the latest from the TL:

In a nutshell, the county will spend up to $23 million in bond principal and interest over 15 years to save $25.5 million over the same time period, Commissioner Todd Vonderheid said at Monday’s work session.
The $2.5 million in savings factors in the replacement of some of the workers. Commissioners must keep the replacement price tag under $3 million to realize the $2.5 million savings, county officials say.

Great, the county may save some money in the next 15 or 20 years if they give a bunch of people a nice golden parachute. I have an idea, don't replace the employees that retire or leave for other jobs. They are going to borrow $11 million to finance this on top of all the other debt they have incurred. The whole plan hinges on not spending more on salaries. But can they resist giving out big pay raises:

The increases, approved by a 4-0 vote, bring Fischi’s salary to $82,000, up from $71,843, and Hyder's salary to $70,000, up from $57,423. That totals $22,734 more in salary between the two posts, but county board of commissioners Chairman Greg Skrepenak said the increase is more than covered by savings the board gained in September, when it eliminated the position of deputy warden of support, held by Joe Morris.
Whether there is an actual savings is debatable.

I get extra stuff to do at work all the time but I don't get a nine grand raise!

I hoped when Makowski and Pizzano left that things would be different but they are not. The buddies and relatives still get preferential treatment.

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Doctor Rick said...

I used to lift weights at Hyders gym in Nanticoke. Skrep and Todd were known to frequent there occasionally. Also, there once hung a Skrep jersey on the wall. This was all prior to Hyders selling of the business and changing the name of the business.