Friday, November 11, 2005

The election is over on to 2006

Lisa Baker made it official yesterday that she is running for state senate seat being vacated by Charles Lemmond. She is the second Republican to formally declare their intent to seek the 20th distcrict seat joining local Chiropractor David Madeira (who has a great website) and Ronald Chvotzkin from Jackson Twp. I hope Lisa and the other candidates get a site up soon.

There is only one issue in the election and she comes down on the right side. From the CV:

"I think it's appropriate that it (the raise) is being repealed," said Baker, adding she was most bothered by the manner of the early morning vote. "I think we need to make sure that government is open and accessible."

Some other quotes from the TL:

"Because I have state government experience, some will assume that I might be inclined to defend state government. They would be very wrong. I have seen some aspects that work well, but I have seen other areas where reform is badly needed. A good first step toward reform is cutting the size of the legislature."

Nice idea but how do you do it? It would require a constitutional amendment that has to be passed by two sessions of the legislature and then voted on by the people of the Commonwealth. Call me cynical but I don't see anyone voting themselves out of a job.

But the elephant in the room is newly re-elected Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty. Everyone I talk to says he is running for the seat.

An interesting note I picked up from Madereira's schedule:

11/28/05. David and his daughter Hannah will be trying to get a buck on the first day of the season. Last year Hannah rattled in an 8-pointer for her dad. What will she bring this year?

I hope they each get one, I'm tired of running into the things.

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