Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No thanks

My blog buddy Dr. Rick invited me to join his endevors at the The American Check-UP.

I'm not ready to do that yet. I wander off into national issues once in a while but I try to stick to what is going on locally. I'm one of the few that do that. In fact, the only bloggers that deal with W-B and Luzerne county are me, Bill Fitz and the Blogfather.

Lately we have had some great post counter post debates. I think it's great! I will probably vote for the Republican candidates in the county elections because I think the Dem's have been there too long and have become corrupt and arrogant. The same thing in Washington. The GOP is running the show and they have made a mess of things. Time for a change. I have always been a registered Democrat but I think I'm more of a goo-goo. I want good government. The people who are in charge of the county government have not served us well. The Commissioners had to borrow money this year just to cover operating expenses and they had to that the year before. Plus they have floated bonds for all sorts of improvement projects. That's a lot of debt folks. The games with jobs being created is still going on.

About Washington. How about managing the country's finances. At the end of President Clinton's term the government was taking in more than it was spending. When the surplus was building instead of coming up with a bunch of new spending programs it was used to pay down the national debt. Of course a tax cut was warranted but they got carried away. Common sense tells you you can't have enormous tax cuts and a massive increase in spending. If you and I ran our households like this we would be sleeping in a box on top of a grate.

Nobody is asked to make a sacrifice. When we are at war no one is asked to pay for it. If the Army can't meet it's recruiting goals, no one is asked to serve. Everything is free. Mr. Bush is the worst occupant of the White House in my memory.


Anonymous said...

The fact that no one was asked to sacrifice during this time of war implies a lack of faith in the American people. If we truly are engaged in a war on terror {and we are} would it not be proper for the President to address the nation and ask for all of us to conserve on energy? This is just one of the things that he can do--but he will not do so because he believes that it will tick off the people and cause problems come election day. Again, this implies a lack of faith in our people from the President. Sacrifice in the form of conservation is a good thing--the old adage, 'pay me now or pay me more later' is quite in play here. We need to get tough; Remember the anti drug commercial that implied drug users are supporting terrorism with their dollars--well, try the gas station--that is truly helping some of these wackos out. Of course, we need to use gasoline but let's cut down a little bit.

Doctor Rick said...

You have a home whenever you want ;)

It gets hard to try and write every single day.

What I find most interesting, however, is how we are both similar in political orientation, yet, very much different in opinion.