Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sugar Notch

Only in Luzerne County can a Mayor be forced to resign over a backhoe incident. This guy has all sorts of financial problems and his friends tried to help him out. Today's Citizens Voice has the story:

Last week, three council members learned the other four - Ellis, the mayor's brother, James Mullin; Herman Balas and David Balakier - had arranged a private vote to give the mayor $2,500 in advance for backhoe work. He was to work 250 hours for $10 an hour.The check was written to Mayor Mullin, but was disguised in the March treasurer's report as a payment to Lenahan Oil Co. Namey said she did that because council members George Gushanas, Matthew Lukachinsky and Dolores Gegaris were unaware of the situation.

He also has some legal problems. So the guy resigned and the only other candidate on the ballot is the Green Party candidate Mario Fiorucci. The Republicans don't even have a candidate. If this Green candidate can actually get more votes than the disgraced Mayor he will take his place. I hope the voters of Sugar Notch vote him in and send a shock wave throughout the county.

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