Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush in Tobyhanna

Mr. Bush came to NEPA in a campaign style stop today instead of the traditional laying of the wreath at Arlington. He started out by giving us a bunch of statistics on veterans health care that suggested that the government is doing everything it can for our men and women that have been wounded in battle.

He may want to take care of our people but the Republican Congress is not so interested. Or they are not interested in hearing from anyone who disagrees with them. From the Hill:

Senators erupted in frustration earlier this year after Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Jim Nicholson conceded that the department was more than $1 billion short for 2005. They will get a chance to vent again today when Nicholson appears before the Veterans Affairs Committee at a hearing on VA hospitals damaged by Hurricane Katrina. But lobbyists for veterans groups are most incensed at Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.), the new House Veterans Affairs Committee chairman, who announced Tuesday that the groups would no longer have the opportunity to make legislative recommendations at joint House-Senate hearings.
"We think it’s an absolutely abhorrent idea. These things were initiated somewhere around 1950, and they represent a crowning moment for our grassroots membership," said Dennis Cullinan, national legislative director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

The Veterans Affairs Committee will not listen to veterans?

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Anonymous said...

It truly is a shame that we ignore our wounded vets. These poor kids come home without limbs, or minds, etc. and we just brush it under the rug. Shame on the Administration for its treatment of our vets and shame on any Vet organization which applauds this man thereby endorsing his lunacy.