Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lisa Baker for State Senate

From her press release:

For nearly 20 years, Lisa Baker has been serving the public interest with distinction. She has held various leadership positions within Pennsylvania state government, including Deputy Chief of Staff to Governors Tom Ridge and Mark Schweiker; Director of the GovernorĂ‚’s Northeast Regional Office; Chief of Staff to State Senator Charles D. Lemmond; and Research Analyst to Senate President Pro Tempore Robert C. Jubelirer.

What she wants to do in the state government was not addressed.

There is another candidate to succeed Charles Lemmond that announced previously:

On Oct. 4th, David Maderia announced his candidacy for State Senate at the Pierce St. Plaza in Kingston. The text of his speech is available here.

But there is another potential candidate out there on the GOP side. A well informed Luzerne County Republican operative gave me the scoop. Mayor Haggerty of Kingston will announce he is running for the seat after the new year.

It is disappointing that no serious Democrat has come forward.


Doctor Rick said...

Dr. Dave is a good guy and friend.

He should do well.

Gort said...

Tell me more

Anonymous said...

Haggerty has this one in the bag; he's been making the rounds long before Lemmond retired.

Anonymous said...

Haggerty has it.

He has the education (MIT/Georgetown), experience (mayor, attorney, ROTC Tank Commander) and overall look for the job.

Baker has never held public office...she's not polished like Haggerty.

Anonymous said...

Baker is a complete puppet of the health care insurance companies - we've got to make sure she loses!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Baker is a captive of the Harrisburg power brokers - if you want more nonsense - like pay raises - elect her!!