Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No to Russell Nigro!

The people of Pennsylvania have made some minor history. For the first time a sitting judge lost a retention vote. Before I get into reasons for the loss I want to point out that the poli sci major in me is overjoyed. Why have an election when the incumbent never loses? Most of us don't know who these people are or what they do and the selection of appellate court judges should be taken out of the political arena. He lost by just over 10,000 votes and the other justice on the ballot Sandra Schultz Newman got a scare. The anti- judge sentiment even spilled into other retention votes. Luzerne County Judge of Common Pleas Mark Ciavarella received a 41% no vote, when the no's are usually around 20% or less.

Since the legislature was not on the ballot in this election the wrath fell on the judges. It was brilliant send them a message politics backed by political groups all across the spectrum. The 2 a.m. paygrab caught the attention of everyone who has an interest in politics and government. In an off year election a well motivated informed electorate can make a difference and we did. This fight is not over, just the opening round of a long challenge. Our lawmakers in the last few days have come up with some repeal measures that are full of this that and the other type of exceptions. That's bullshit. These clowns are now trying to backpedal and be seen as repealing the raise but leaving a bunch of loopholes so it can be still collected. We will see what happens next year when we vote for our members of the legislature.

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