Thursday, November 03, 2005

Erik Knappman for Controller

The local elections are only a few days away and the most important job up is the County Controller. There are two candidates that I don't know much about. But from what I know it's an easy call. From the CV:

The only issue in the race is the lawsuit over over the pension fund.

Petrilla is non committal:

The board manages the $185 million pension fund and is the plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in damages. Petrilla wants to meet with the board's lawyers to learn the nuances of the suit. She has not decided whether the board should proceed or try to settle.

Eric Knappman supports the suit:

Knappman said he understands the importance of the controller's vote on the retirement board and the board's management of the $185 million pension fund. He supports the board's racketeering lawsuit that seeks millions of dollars in damages against former county commissioners. "The court has found merit with that lawsuit," Knappman said, adding that he would compare the suit's legal expenses versus its damages as it proceeds..

In other words she would do what she is told and drop the suit. If we have Deomocratic Commissioners we should have a Republican Controller.

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