Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm still being frustrated by my attempts to get my blogroll back. I have done everything Blogger, Blogroll and others have advised but it still doesn't work. Until I get some geek to check-out my template and fix it I have decided to do a real time blogroll.

We bloggers are a mixed bunch, writing about everything from the news of the day to what is happening in our lives or our favorite bands and movies. Most blogs have a mix of topics like mine. I try to stick to local politics but wander off to national issues occasionally. I throw in my observations of the sports world and sometimes something personal. The traffic on this site has grown from my immediate circle of friends and family to several hundred hits a day. I want to thank everyone for stopping by. I want to give a special Thank You to the people who taken the time to leave a comment. Agree or disagree, the important thing is the debate and sometimes they have been very heated, which is great.

We have a small group of local bloggers who deal with issues of the day. I'm sure our numbers will grow.

Off to the roundup:

Wilkes-Barre Online is making predictions about the mid-term elections.

My Take is busy with the controversy over Willow Grove and bashing Planned Parenthood. It's good to see him post on his flagship as he has about 12 other websites.

hints, allegations and things left unsaid hasn't updated for a while but if we nudge him I hope he will get back in the game.

Another Monkey came up with an idea to have some fun with word verification.

It stinks that we even have to put another step in the comment process but the spammers are relentless. Do these stupid bastards really think that they are going to sell you something when they do something so rude and piss you off?

Beale's Bites covers the local news.

I'm sure the local news will try to convince us all that we will die because it might snow tonight. I can hear it now. Take cover, adjourn Congress, break out the food you were saving for the nuclear war!

The American Check-Up is busy defending Bush as usual. I'm sure he would blame the bubonic plague on liberals.

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Doctor Rick said...

Thanks for the link. I don't know about the bubonic plague...maybe the other ones though!