Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The War on War

The War on War

We have many wars going on. The War in Iraq, the War on terrorism, the War on drugs, the War on poverty, the War on want, the War on Journalism, the War on Christmas, the War on spam, etc……………

How many wars can we fight at once? Maybe we should use a different word to define the challenges before us.


Doctor Rick said...

Good use or the word war. Unfortunatly, the word is irreplaceable. See below...

Ricks liberal euphemisms:

War on terror becomes "Challenge to rid the world of potentially deleterious actions by groups or individuals."

War on Christmas becomes "Effort to recognize tolerance of all socio-religious diversities."

War on Drugs becomes "Mind alteriing substance removal movement."

War on poverty becomes "Organized monetary pilfering and redistribution of wealth."

You get the picture

Gort said...

Good ones.

LVDem said...

No, no, no... you have it all wrong:

War on terror really means Bush's attempt to expand the scope of power of the president to pre-Watergate levels

War on Christmas really means an effort by the radical right to spin more culture wars, never mind that they are attacking the big business interests that feed their election efforts (liberals don't make the slogans or sell the greetings cards)

War on Drugs really means over-used, over-hyped and not very successful attempt to rid our society of drugs

War on poverty really means a series of programs enacted almost 30 years ago that radical right continues to engage in a war of ideology

As far as the War on Spam goes, I quite like the funny colored mystery meat. Who on earth would want to declare war on that?

Doctor Rick said...

Spam is considered a delicacy in many places.

As far as your changing my labels goes, comical.