Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Colin Powell

I went to the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre last night to hear General Colin Powell talk about leadership. The former Secretary of State was one of the most impressive public speakers I have ever seen. He talked for over an hour without notes and connected with the audience with his humor and knowledge. I'm not going to recap everything he said but the thing that stuck with me is he said don't let the terrorist change who we are. We are the most open, free and generous people in history. And when mistakes are made, like the Patriot Act or using torture, we have the means to fix them. He also recommended using diplomacy to solve the nuclear threats of North Korea and Iran. And he said the Iraq deployment can't go on forever. Overall he was optimistic about our place in the world. I'm sure whoever wins the Republican nomination in 2008 will ask the General to be his/her running mate. Imagine a McCain/Powell ticket?

The CV and the TL have a recap.


Doctor Rick said...

McCain Powell would be unstoppable. However, I think the conservative base would rather a more conservative foreman than McCain (even though he'd be a shoe-in).

Anonymous said...

I guess to battle a Mccain Powell ticket Hillary would have to put Schwarzkopf on the ticket. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness Gort, I truly look at Gen. Powell as someone with such a halo of BS around him; honestly, if you truly look at the big picture you can knock some holes into his armour. IF he is such a smart guy and more importantly an honourable guy, why did he stand idly by while his Commander in Chief led us into the Iraq debacle? He himself knew that it was a mistake--and pretty much predicted the outcome. Would he not have more credibility as a future candidate had he resigned his position of Secy. of State under protest. NOt a profile of courage in His Holiness' book.

LVDem said...

You heard it expressed here: conservatives would not support war heros like John McCain. He's just not conservative enough.

You know, I used to consider myself a Republican, but the treatment of honorable men by the far right drove me away... far away.