Friday, December 02, 2005

Go out swinging

Steve Flood has about a month left as the Controller of Luzerne County but he is not laying down on the job. He is one of the most impressive public officials I have ever met. The man wants good government and so do I. Enough of the bullshit, jobs filled by less than qualified applicants because they have a connection and big raises given out even as the county has to borrow money just to meet payroll!

After holding their feet to fire about the pension fund and invented jobs (remember Cliff Madrack and Moon Lake) he is looking at the 20 year deal between the Commissioners and some outfit that is running the juvie jail in Pittston. From the TL:

WILKES-BARRE . Luzerne County Controller Steve Flood continued to ratchet up his complaints about a $58-million deal brokered between the county and a privately owned juvenile detention center at a meeting Thursday. Flood also said he plans to send a bill to Pennsylvania Child Care for overcharging the county. If they don't pay, the controller said he'll attempt to sue. A solicitor for the controller also had some harsh words for county officials, calling them a "cancer" that affects the political system. In addition to the letter, Flood accused PA Child Care of overcharging the county nearly $280,000 for housing children in the Pittston Township facility. Flood said he expects to send a bill to the company today requesting a reimbursement to the county or else he'll sue in five days.
Flood's solicitor, Sam Stretton, said the suit would be mostly a symbolic gesture since Flood has less than a month left in his term. In January, former Butler Township manager Maryanne Petrilla takes over Flood's position. She defeated Flood in the May primary.

Skrep and Vondy can't wait until this guy is out of their hair and the chosen one takes over.

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