Friday, December 09, 2005


After checking out the internets today I'm happy to report that all the bloggers who braved the elements are all safe and sound. After a quick trip around Wilkes-Barre to gather supplies (beer, steaks and lottery tickets) it appears that life will go on. After all the bars and Turkey Hill are open. My own snow experience was more frustration because my rebuilt snowblower didn't do as good a job as my unrebuilt snowblower because the new skids are set too high and I had to do a lot of shovel scraping. But now the fun part of the day as I have fired up the grill to cook a couple of Delmonicos as recommended by PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).

A glance of what others are doing today.:

LVDem has declared a snow news day.

Another Monkey made it to work safe and sound.

dragonballyee had a mishap but lived to tell about it.

Above Average Jane is spending her day with her crab and other critters.

Fester is enjoying a muffin.

Ol' Froth has the same opinion of local news that I do.

And PSoTD has a great recipe for a snowball.


Carl said...

Beer, Steak, and Lottery Tickets.

Sounds like you've covered the basic food groups...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link but you spelled my name wrong! it's dragonballYEE not EYE

Gort said...

Albert, Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed.