Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Mayor and higher office

To everyone's surprise (not) Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty has entered the race to succeed retiring state Sen. Charles Lemmond. It's funny that there were no stories about his official announcement in the local rags today, yesterday both papers had pre-announcement stories. The CV story wasn't on the website but was in the print version and the TL write up was available in both. The Times-Leader had this write-up:

Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty will throw his hat in the ring in the competitive Republican race for retiring state Sen. Charles Lemmond's seat. Haggerty plans to announce his candidacy tomorrow at his Kingston law office.

"Obviously, we'll get into greater detail on Wednesday," Haggerty said Monday night.
"What I can say now is since Sen. Lemmond's announcement, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support for me to run for this office because of the tremendous record of success in Kingston under my leadership," he said. "After looking at the district and the race, we"re convinced it"s a campaign we can and will win."

Don't you just love politicians who talk about themselves in the third person? We are not amused.

The Citizens Voice (not on web) points out he spent big bucks for TV ads in his re-election bid for Mayor of Kingston against token opposition. And he admits it helped gain name recognition in the six counties that make up the 20th senatorial district.

Four other Republicans have announced their intentions to run for the seat: Russell Bigus, Dallas Township, Lisa Baker of Lehman Township; Ronald Chvotzkin, Jackson Township home; and Dallas resident David Madeira.


Doctor Rick said...

He has this - I pointed out long ago. Heres another hint he's got it: Even Skrep wont go against him I'll bet. Because he doesn't want to risk losing.

Anonymous said...

God damned Haggerty; whose this clown think he is? All he does is covort with hookers--remember Al "I wanna be a pimp, not a plumber" Carpinet??? Ol Jimmy boy was on his list of clientele--and to show you how much bad judgment the guy has--the hookers werent even attractive! In my day the hookers took care of a guy--hell, they'd even get you a beer afterwards! And we loved it!!!! IN my day politicians knew how to hide the fact that they coveted hookers--we even had a nicer name for them because we were gentlemen--we called them whores! And they loved it!!! Take that you Hillary Clinton/Che Guevara loving wus liberals!

LVDem said...

Did you just reference Josh Leiman? Bill Fitz is now my idol! Anybody who can reference the West Wing is a worthy person.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove is not the Chief of Staff. Andrew Card is. Also, she is not to the level of Rove, Card, or your fictional character. She is little more than a puppet of the old guard. She will lose, most likely in an embarassing fashion.